5 x Brands To Know About in 2022

Happy New Year!

Let's hope 2022 is the year we can finally get the virus behind us and get back to our normal mode of working, socialising and having fun! 

So to kick the new year off, here are some brands I thought you might like to know about - some of them you may have already heard of, or I've mentioned before, but it's always good to refresh your memory isn't it?

Troubadour backpack - style tips for men

Whilst researching bags for a client, I came across Troubadour bags who have some great looking, functional backpacks. I was also very happy to discover they're made of recycled plastic bottles and reasonably priced......perfect for my client who was looking for something sustainable and robust, so they were an instant hit when I took him to the shop on our personal shopping trip

If you're looking for a new bag for work - especially if you're walking or cycling more, then check them out.

Troubadour bags

Wax London overskirts - Personal shopping for men

You may have come across Wax London already as they were stocked in John Lewis for awhile, and also had a pop up shop in Carnaby Street.

One of my clients was very happy to buy from them during our shopping trip earlier this year, as he was keen to support the British High Street after Covid, and British made brands in particular.

Best known for their heavy 'Whiting' overshirts, Wax London was a new discovery for him and we were lucky enough to be served by one of the founders in the's that for personal service? 

Wax London

LNDR sweatpants - personal shopping for men

If only I'd known about these stylish track pants at the beginning of the pandemic! I'm glad I've found out about them now though, as no one's going to stop wearing track pants, especially when they look as good as these. 

I discovered them on a recent trip to a client's house to do a wardrobe edit.  He was wearing them, and when I admired the design and nice fit, he told me his wife works for the brand. It's fairly new so I'm happy to spread the word about them.......though I see from their Instagram that AJ Odudu has beaten me to it with their womenswear! 

LNDR premier activewear

De Fursac clothing brand - personal styling for men

Not a new brand, but fairly new to the UK. First a pop up store in Selfridges, where one of my clients bought what he now calls his "favourite shirt", then a store in King's Road, and now one in Marylebone too. If you're looking for clean, modern, menswear then it's definitely worth a look in there or on their website. 

De Fursac clothing

Hand & Jones sweater - personal styling for men

You'll have seen Hand & Jones before if you've been following my blog or Instagram. Run by a friend of a friend, this is what one of my newsletter subscribers from Australia said when he bought one of the sweaters after I'd written about them:

"The sweater has arrived (incredibly quick delivery from the UK) and is absolutely beautiful. Great colour and the feel is is amazing. Terrific recommendation.” 

They've just launched underwear too and swimwear is coming soon, so get discovering them first, before everyone else does!

Hand & Jones

If you'd like to discover some new brands, new places to shop and new ideas on how to dress in 2022, book in for your personal shopping session below:

Personal Shopping for men

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