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7 ways you can dress better in Autumn/Winter 2018

Want to look better this Autumn Winter? Here are my 7 tips on how:

Get your clothes tailored style tips for men from a personal stylist

1. Get your clothes tailored

I know I'm always banging on about this but it really does make a difference. The picture above is of a client who got an updated look when we went shopping - see how much better he looks with the more fitted jacket. Another client recently told me he bought a suit online and then had it altered at Savva tailors who ensured the fit was perfect. I know it takes a little time but it really is worth doing and makes a huge difference to how polished and put together you one can look sharp if their cuffs on their jacket are hanging down to their knuckles.

Make use of accessories style tips for men from a personal stylist

2. Make use of accessories

I find it very pleasing on the eye when I see things in harmony! As do most people. That doesn't mean they have to match up exactly but if your socks pull out a colour from the top of your outfit - your shirt or jumper, it helps to make it look like you really thought about your outfit. And belts are great and for winter, scarves, hats and gloves - you don't just have to go with one black or navy one, build up a little wardrobe of accessories too. And don't forget umbrellas and pens etc which all add to your "branding".

Ski motif print wool scarf - Drakes £130

Jacquard navy and green socks - London Sock Company £14

Learn how to layer style advice from a personal stylist for men

3. Learn to layer

This season there are lots of overshirts around so why not try one of those over a t-shirt, a shirt underneath a half zip jumper or polo knit shirt, a denim jacket under a heavier peacoat or puffa, or a hoody underneath an overcoat....yes that look is back.

Cotton blend flannel overshirt - Rag & Bone at Mr Porter £375

Lamont camel wool overcoat - NN07 at Mr Porter £400

Find out about sale shops sample sales style advice from a personal shopper for men

4. Find out about sale shops and sample sales

If you're not able to get the items you like due to budget constraints then look out for sale shops and sample sales, or also set up a search in eBay so you're notified every time a new item from that brand is listed. I have a couple of clients, who are super savvy at shopping like this and have got some amazing things at great prices. And check out this blog post.

Replenish your basics styling advice from a personal stylist for men

5. Update your basics

I don't know about you, but when my basic items feel new and fresh it really helps me feel like I've got it together. Repeat buy things like plain neutral sweaters from Uniqlo or John Smedley, white t-shirts from Sunspel, pale blue button down shirts from NNO7, and basic navy chinos. This will help your core wardrobe to be in place and then you can concentrate on the exciting bits.

White t-shirt - Sunspel £90

Extra fine merino wool sweater - Uniqlo £29.90

Get your outerwear sorted styling tips for men from a personal stylist

6. Get your outerwear sorted for the weather ahead

The weather doesn't have quite such a negative impact if you have the right thing to wear. I've recently been looking at raincoats from Cordings, Private White VC with a client, and buying peacoats for smart casual from Joseph, plus puffas from Canada Goose and great bomber jackets from the likes of A.P.C. for this in between time.

Ventile mac - Private White VC £495

Navy wool blend bomber jacket - A.P.C. at Harvey Nichols £485

HIre a stylist. Sarah Gilfillan personal stylist and personal shopper for men

7. Hire a personal stylist!

You didn't seriously expect me to do a post like this without offering my services did you?! I will be happy to help you to dress better than ever in Autumn/Winter 2018 and it only takes a few hours. If you want to take away the stress of shopping and trying to source things yourself, want to be introduced to some new brands, and be given a list of outfits you can put together from the things you bought, then give me a shout!

Here's what one client said after a shopping trip:

"I am very happy with the clothes we bought on the shopping trip! I wore one of the outfits yesterday and today I’ll be making lots of space in my wardrobe to fit everything in. Really keen to get rid of a lot of the old stuff.
The outfit guide has been super helpful so far - it's given me some confidence to throw on some outfits combinations I would've been too scared to do before.They will also be super helpful when packing for trips away.
Now I look at what I had in my wardrobe, I'm quite amazed at just how much I'd let myself slip style/clothing wise! I feel pretty great about what I'm wearing again now."


You can see more info about personal shopping trips for men here: 

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