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Bored with your business wear? Then try these tweaks

Some men like to have the uniformity of wearing a suit to work every day as it simplifies everything but it can get boring wearing the same thing day in and day out. If you work in a conservative environment and have to keep your look formal there will be limits to the changes you can make but here are some styling suggestions on tweaks that you can easily incorporate.

Smyth Gibson tab collar shirt Sartoria Lab image consultancy for men

1) Try a different collar style -  for example a tab collar can make a small but noticeable difference to your outfit as it pushes the tie knot forward in an elegant way.

Lanvin pocket square on Sartoria Lab blog menswear style consultancy

2) Add a pocket square to your suit. If your shirts and suits are plain and especially if you don't tend to wear a tie, a pocket square gives some visual interest to your outfit. If you're worried about looking too dandy, wear it in a simple fold, either in white or in a colour that's a couple of shades lighter or darker than your suit to keep the look more subtle.

Emma Willis lilac shirt on Sartoria Lab blog style consultant for men

3) Buy a different colour shirt. Yes, I know it's hard to find a shirt that's not blue or white but it is possible! Whilst on a personal shopping trip with a client the other day, we banned ourselves from blue and instead bought pale green, pale pink and lilac shirts.

Oliver Sweeney burgundy shoes on Sartoria Lab blog style advice for men

4) Get some burgundy shoes. A current favourite of mine which look great with a navy or grey suit and will ring the changes from your default black Oxfords.

Richard Anderson tailor on Sartoria Lab blog personal shopping styling for men

5) Check the fit of your suit - even if you've been wearing it every day for the past few years, does it really fit? Take a selfie and check against this fit guide from Richard Anderson and make alterations if need be.

And of course, if you'd like some help with shopping for your business wear then do get in touch.


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