Fashionable trousers for a 40" waist

As a larger man, you might feel limited on where you go shopping and stick to the same shops all the time, which let's face it, can get a little boring. I took a client shopping last week who had a 40" waist and discovered some new and perhaps unexpected places to go. He was rather delighted to find some new places to go.....and I was happy to introduce him to them!

So here are some suggestions which might help to open up your horizons and persuade you to try some different shops than you'd normally go in to. And if you need help, then please do get in touch to arrange a personal shopping trip.

7 For All Mankind Slimmy jeans fashionable trousers for a 40 inch waist

Slimmy jeans - 7 For All Mankind £140 - This was the first shop we went into and bingo - immediate success!! We got 3 pairs of these Slimmy jeans in different colours. The name is slightly misleading, especially if you're not a particularly "slimmy" guy! But I actually find with some clients that a slimmer leg is more flattering than a wider one which can make a large guy look bigger than he is. These come in various different washes and weights - including the weightless ones which are great if you get very hot. They all have some stretch in them too making them comfortable and in actual fact, we went down to a size 38" in these, so bear that in mind if you're ordering online.

Orlebar Brown navy chinos - fashionable trousers for a 40 inch waist

Campbell poplin slim fit chinos - Orlebar Brown £165 - We went in here to seek out some swimwear, but ended up coming away with these trousers which are basic chinos but a great shape. I also like the side fasteners which alleviate the need for a belt, as that can sometimes visually cut you in half or bring attention to the waist area - not what you want if you're a larger guy. We also picked up these fab, lightweight mesh trainers as my client was about to go on a long holiday and needed lightweight summer things.

Lululemon - fashionable trousers for a 40 inch waist

Commission pant classic - Lululemon £118 - This might have been the biggest surprise! On the off chance, whilst doing my pre-shop ahead of meeting my client, I thought I'd pop into Lululemon. We were looking for good travel things, that could also double up for smarter wear with a blazer in the evenings as he would be staying in smart hotels, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these stretch trousers which fit the bill perfectly and looked really good on. They're available in different colours and if you're a keen cyclist then they'd also be great for wearing on the commute to work as they're stretchy and sweat wicking, plus they have a reflective hem which shows if you turn them up.

If you're a 40" waist or above and have any favourite places to shop, then do let me know! Or if you need some help in finding things then drop me a line and we can organise to go shopping.


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