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Five reasons why hiring a personal stylist can be a great idea

If you've ever thought about hiring a personal stylist like me, but aren't quite sure if it's worth it and whether you'll benefit, then I wrote this blog post for you! Read on to see how I might be able to help you get your wardrobe in shape, and if you have any questions, then please do get in touch.

s and brands - Five reasons why hiring a personal stylist could be a great idea

1)   I’ll introduce you to new shapes, colours and brands

You probably don’t have the time or inclination, to spend experimenting with styles, colours, and new shops on your own, but I can narrow down the choice for you and introduce you to a relevant selection.

As a personal stylist I’m in the shops all the time so seeing new shapes and colours coming through as well as finding new brands. Trends tend to take a long time to filter through to the classic end of menswear but even classic shapes do change subtly over time and sometimes things you have in your wardrobe can suddenly look dated without you realising. I can help you find modern items that are relevant to your style.

And why is this important? If you have dated looking clothes, people will automatically associate that with your ideas being dated, which is not the best signal to give off if you're looking for a new job, or looking for a promotion. Colours can also make a big difference in helping you to stand out (eg: if you're a public speaker) or making you look more authoritative. Not only that, they'll highlight your face, making you look more attractive - a definite plus point if you've thrown yourself into the dating game.

2)  I'll make shopping for clothes less painful, and more enjoyable!

Many of my clients say to me they hate shopping but the reason is because they’re not achieving the results they’d like, and spend ages shopping but don't find anything. I’ve lost count of the times they’ve said to me afterwards: “I really enjoyed that and I never thought I’d say that about shopping!” It really can be fun as well as productive! Before taking you shopping, I go and do a pre-shop for you first so that I've already narrowed down the selection somewhat for you so I can provide you with an edited choice.

Outfit list - five reasons to hire a personal stylist

3)   I’ll put outfits together for you (and even write you a list!)

You find something you like, and you may even buy it but you don’t know what to wear it with. Sound familiar? This is one of the things I hear time and time again from clients and it can be especially true if it’s slightly different from what you’d normally buy and then you find you don’t have the right shoes or jacket to wear.

Part of the service I offer is to help you create outfits that fit in with your lifestyle and you feel comfortable wearing. You can switch off your brain whilst I do the thinking for you! I’ll suggest what to wear items with and how to put them together as a whole outfit and I’ll even write you a list! Here’s what one client said about a year after we’d been shopping: “I’m very happy with the clothes that we bought and I still use your crib sheets to decide what to put together!” - you can see an example here of how I put these together, and I can also do it in image form if requested.

4)   I'm not trying to hit targets

I’m sure there are plenty of sales assistants that are willing to tell you if they don’t think something looks good but as you may have experienced, there are others who are just trying to hit targets and so not being entirely truthful with their opinion.

One of the things I love about my job is that I can be totally honest – having previously worked as a photographic stylist where that wasn’t always the case, I now relish this part of it and clients also love that they’re being given an unbiased opinion.

Outfits from wardrobe edits - five reasons to hire a personal stylist

3)   You might find you have more in your wardrobe than you think

It’s amazing the amount of times people have found a long forgotten item in their wardrobe that’s been resurrected for use after I do a Wardrobe Edit with them.

A Wardrobe Edit is not always about throwing lots of things out, it’s also about putting outfits together, and finding different ways of wearing things. I recently put over 60 outfits together for a client and photographed them for him. Admittedly he probably has more clothes than most men but even an extra 10 or 20 new outfits would be nice wouldn’t it? Plus, once it’s organised it really highlights what’s missing, so I’ll also give suggestions on how and what to fill the gaps with, making sure your next shopping trip is very focused.

This means you spend less time on choosing what to wear when you have photographs to refer to so you instantly know what goes with what.

If you think this sounds good and you'd like to know more, then please do get in touch to have a chat about how I can help. Here's what one client said about his personal shopping sessions with me:

"I've had two sessions with Sartoria Lab, each to help me over a major professional transition. In both cases my new wardrobe gave me the confidence to move my career onwards and every time I wear one of the chosen outfits I get immediate compliments. The sessions are enjoyable (amazingly) and it's great value for money."


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