How to accessorise in Summer

I always think it's much trickier to accessorise in summer as there's not quite as many options when you're wearing less clothes. If you like the idea of it though, then here are some easy ideas for you.

Tyler and Tyler men's green woven belt - how to accessorise in summer

I come across lots of wardrobes with just a couple of belts in black or brown leather. It's summer time though - time to lighten up and have some fun with your belts! A woven coloured one like the green above is much more summery than leather and goes brilliantly with a neutral outfit like this one and is perfect to liven up jeans too. Tone the brown buckle with your shoes (or hat, like guy in the pic!) and hey presto, you instantly look more pulled together and your outfit more interesting.

Green woven belt - Tyler & Tyler - £17.50
Image via Pinterest

Blue Blue Japan bandana neckerchief for men - how to accessorise in summer

There are tons of outfits with neckerchiefs / bandanas on Pinterest.....I really like them but couldn't imagine too many of my clients wearing them without feeling self conscious as it seems like they're just for decoration.

When I put up a picture of one on Instagram though, I ended up finding out they actually come in quite handy for a number of things.....they soak up the sweat when it's warm, keep you warmer when it's cool, stop your neck from getting sunburnt and my particular favourite (that would have come in handy in the recent heatwave) soak it in water before putting it on to instantly cool you down. Plus, it could double up as a face covering.

Sooo many uses I hadn't even thought of and they look good too!

Navy printed cotton bandana - Blue Blue Japan at Mr Porter - £20
Image via Pinterest

Cubitts sunglasses - how to accessorise in summer for men

Have you updated your sunglasses recently? This is likely to be the accessory you wear the most, so worth gathering a few options to go with different outfits. I've noticed a lot of rounder frames and lighter colours around this summer. The round shapes tend to look best on more angular faces (see this post on choosing sunglasses for your face shape) but if you don't mind enhancing a rounder shaped face, then go for it!

'Flaxman' acetate frame with metal bridge sunglasses - Cubitts - £125
Image via Pinterest

Tom Smarte men's fedora hat - how to accessorise in summer

You may think a fedora is too smart for the outfits you wear, but click though and have a look at my friend David Evans from Grey Fox blog wearing this hat in a couple of different ways. It includes an outfit with shorts and a polo shirt which looks great and might just entice you to think again?

Natural & navy 310 superfine fedora hat - Tom Smarte - £99.99
Image via Pinterest

Alexandra Wood geometric face mask for men - how to accessorise in summer

And of course, the 2020 'must have' accessory.......a mask. Why make do with the blue disposable ones when you could get one as stylish as this? May as well treat yourself, as unfortunately they're likely to be around for awhile yet.

Geometric cotton face mask - Alexandra Wood - £25
Image of Lee Osborne of @sartorialee via Instagram

Do you not really bother with accessorising and are not sure where to start? Book an online shopping session or we can shop in person and get accessories to go with the outfits you buy.

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