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Q&A with The London Dating Club

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Valentine's Day is just a week away, and if you're sick of hearing about it already as you don't have an "other half" to get slushy with then listen up - we have a solution for you!

The London Dating Club was introduced to me by Jon Sheard who I met recently. We chatted about our respective services to help men, and realised that dating & feeling good about how you look go hand in hand, a bit like & marriage?! So I asked him to do a Q&A with me, to tell you about the superb service The London Dating Club offers.

So, have a read and if you're fed up with the rollercoaster of online dating then I highly recommend you contact Jon, as he has great connections with the leading introduction agencies, the service is free & it'll save you hours of time flicking through endless pages of unsuitable personal profiles....time that could be spent on a date that's been handpicked for you!

Please tell us about The London Dating Club and how it works?

The London Dating Club, we believe is the answer to online dating problems.  Online dating has several obstacles for potential new members to overcome, such as: time consuming profile writing, reading profile after profile, lack of discretion & confidentiality and finally no guarantee of success. 

The team at The London Dating Club do all the hard work on behalf of our clients. All our potential clients are invited to meet with a member of our team face to face, where we discuss possible options and decide if we are in a position to be of service.

How did you get started in this business, and how long have you been running it?

I became involved with The London Dating Club after a long military career, I decided I wanted to be involved within a people based industry. I have dealt with hundreds of complex personalities and thought this experience would serve me well when dealing with people on a one to one basis. So far so good, no one has ever tried to shoot me!

The team at The London Dating Club has different degrees of experience within the industry which combined together gives us an extensive knowledge of dealing with people’s personalities and characters. I believe this is another benefit of dealing with people rather than an online service, our team has our client’s best interests at heart and because we meet our clients we understand their requirements.

What sort of men are you looking for to join The London Dating Club?

The London Dating Club deals directly with some of London’s leading introduction agencies and as such our gentlemen need to tick certain criteria. We are looking for single professionally accomplished gentlemen, financially secure who are seeking a potential life partner. Our clients appreciate quality and understand that The London Dating Club deals in exactly that, quality over quantity (another difference between ourselves and online dating). Other than that there is no stereotypical type of client as every person is completely different.

Okay, so they've joined up and then what happens?

Once a client has joined The London Dating Club and his profile has been written and approved by him, we normally tell him to forget us!

We will be in touch once we have a potential introduction to speak to him about. The emphasis is on quality and sometimes this takes time and patience.

Once we have found a potential introduction we will discuss this with our client and decide whether he would like to meet the lady. The next step is for the lady to approve our client's profile and then personal details are exchanged once both parties are happy. The final step prior to the introduction is for our client to contact the lady by whichever means they both prefer.

How does this differ from a regular dating agency?

As you can see from the previous answer, we like to do the work for our clients. Our members don’t read dozens of profiles, they don’t have to worry about having nothing in common with a potential introduction and they can definitely be sure that the photograph provided is recent and a true reflection of the person they are going to meet. In short, we take out the worry and uncertainty which exists with online dating.

What are your Top 3 Dating Tips for men?

Here are some simple top tips: 

  1. Never, ever, be late for the first date! If you have to get there early, so be it, make a plan and allow for the unexpected but just don’t be late.
  2. Concentrate on your personal turn out, this does not mean buying a new wardrobe (but if you did, I can recommend a good stylist), iron your clothes, polish your shoes, have a shave and get a haircut! The basics count when making a first impression.
  3. My final point would be to try and relax, be yourself and most importantly of all listen effectively to what your date is saying.  If you listen and ask relevant questions you are half way there to securing date number 2.

What's the best date you've ever been on?!

The best date I have ever been on involved 4 Las Vegas dancers, a monkey and ……. 

I think perhaps I better save that story for another time! A great date is when you come away having relaxed, enjoyed yourself fully and are already looking forward to the next one. Everyone should experience that feeling at some stage in their lives, and if you’re too busy, or don’t know where to start, then the answer is simple.

Like the sound of it? Then become a member here.

And if you need some help to get "date ready" then have a look at my Personal Styling for Dating package