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Spring Summer 2013 trends to update your wardrobe

We're all praying that we might get a summer this year, and let's hope those prayers are answered as there's some delicious things in store for Spring Summer 2013. I've picked out some of the trends from the catwalks and though I may have missed out some of the major ones (hello foil sweet wrapper inspired trenches by Burberry Prorsum) that's on purpose, as I wanted to include things that I could imagine my clients actually wearing. I hope you'll find something you like in my pick of the trends that will inspire you to add some new pieces to your wardrobe this summer.


A summer staple, and the use of it in so much tailoring surely has something to do with the fabulous film to come this summer The Great Gatsby and the brilliant styling of the protagonist Jay Gatsby? If you don’t have a lawn to throw crazy parties on you could go for a more relaxed layered look, mixing in shades of cream and using textures to add interest. A pair of off white chinos, an open knit sweater, a white t-shirt, and an unlined cream linen blazer, finished off with some old school plimsolls or tan brogues. Add a large, long textured scarf for even more depth and layers, and a straw panama if you're having a debonair moment!

Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2013Gucci - Spring Summer 2013Louis Vuitton - Spring Summer 2013

             Diesel Black Gold                                    Gucci                                        Louis Vuitton

Antonio Azzuolo - Spring Summer 2013Hardy Amies = Spring Summer 2013Bottega Veneta - Spring Summer 2013

          Antonio Azzuolo                                 Hardy Amies                                  Bottega Veneta

Bomber jackets

Not such a new trend - they were everywhere last winter too, but a useful little number to have in your wardrobe for spring. Personally I think they're more flattering on most shapes if they're a straighter cut, rather than too blousy but a great choice for a shorter, slim guy. Versatile enough to go with jeans, chinos or a more formal cotton trouser. I'd suggest looking for cotton rather than nylon, suede over leather.

Hermes - Spring Summer 2013Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2013Hermes - Spring Summer 2013

                    Hermes                                      Diesel Black Gold                                Hermes

Gucci - Spring Summer 2013Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2013Brioni - Spring Summer 2013

                  Gucci                                        Diesel Black Gold                                 Brioni


I'm rather liking these little prints springing up everywhere - shirts, blazers, bombers, and even coats. There's something that looks quite fresh and summery about them, but not as "James May" as a floral. A print shirt makes a great in betweener for an evening out that looks dressy but not business. I looked at some blazers the other day and found them surprisingly versatile to style for different looks. Choose for a more contrasting print if you have high contrast colouring, and something more muted if you have softer colouring.

Gucci - Spring Summer 2013Marni - Spring Summer 2013Berluti - Spring Summer 2013

            Gucci                                                    Marni                                             Berluti

Hermes - Spring Summer 2013Hardy Amies - Spring Summer 2013Burberry Prorsum - Spring Summer 2013

                 Hermes                                       Hardy Amies                               Burberry Prorsum


I must admit I've had limited success at getting my clients into wearing scarves (other than the woolly variety) but that won't stop me trying as I love them! Give your outfit a little extra panache, by taking up the current trend of tucking one inside your jacket so it follows the line of the lapel, or wear it as a loosely tied cravat tucked into neck of your shirt. Hey, if it's good enough for Gandy........

Louis Vuitton - Spring Summer 2013Berluti - Spring Summer 2013Gucci - Spring Summer 2013

       Louis Vuitton                                           Berluti                                          Gucci

Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2013Ami - Spring Summer 2013Berluti - Spring Summer 2013

        Diesel Black Gold                                     Ami                                            Berluti


Pleat front trousers

Although they haven’t gone mainstream yet, where slimmer cuts still prevail, there's a definite resurgence of the pleat front and wider, baggier trouser. A relief to many men I'm sure! A slimmer fit top will work well with these and is reminiscent of the elegant look of the 30's and 40's. I'm finding it quite refreshing to see this look again as an alternative to the slim cut, and think something in a really crisp, cotton is the easiest to wear and keeps the look modern and fresh.

Paul Smith - Spring Summer 2013Balenciaga - Spring Summer 2013Dior Homme - Spring Summer 2013

                Paul Smith                                    Balenciaga                                 Dior Homme

Louis Vuitton - Spring Summer 2013Dries Van Noten - Spring Summer 2013Berluti - Spring Summer 2013

             Louis Vuitton                                 Dries Van Noten                               Berluti


Add some spice to your life this summer with these delicious pieces in saffron, cinnamon and turmeric. I love them mixed together to create a rich palette, or with navy to look elegant and chic. This is an easy colour to incorporate into your wardrobe - just go one shade brighter than your usual sand chinos and take it from there. These colours suit people with a warmer or darker skin tone generally, so make sure the shade suits you if you're wearing it next to your face.

Ann Demeulemeester - Spring Summer 2013Ami - Spring Summer 2013Belstaff - Spring Summer 2013

       Ann Demeulemeester                                Ami                                          Belstaff

Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2013Dries Van Noten - Spring Summer 2013Paul Smith - Spring Summer 2013

         Diesel Black Gold                              Dries Van Noten                            Paul Smith


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