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I've got a challenge to complete for a client in the next couple of him to shop for a trip which will include events where he needs to wear a suit but he also needs walking gear, smart shirts, plus swimwear and casual wear.

I'd noticed the Z Zegna suit below, just the week before and bookmarked it in my brain as I thought it might come in handy for a client. So it might work well but I thought I'd get ahead of myself and do some more research on what other travel suits are available too.

Here's what I found - ready for you whether you do a lot of business trips abroad or have a long commute to can arrive crisp and crease free.

You're welcome :-)

Paul Smith travel suit  - Sartoria Lab personal styling for men

A Suit To Travel In - Paul Smith at Mr Porter £730 - I remember seeing this all over Instagram when the A Suit To Travel In made it's debut at London Fashion Week Men in 2015. They had an Olympic gymnast perform his moves whilst wearing a suit to show just how flexible it is. You may just be performing the award winning feat of commuting to work everyday but that's probably almost as strenuous as a gymnast's workout so make sure you arrive crease free with this suit.

Zegna travel suit - Sartoria Lab personal shopping for men

Techmerino Wash and Go grey flannel suit - Z Zegna - this is the one I spotted in Harrods one day and took note of - especially as it packs up into it's own handy little bag and is WASHABLE. Yes, a washable suit! How handy is that?? Perfect if you have a quick turnaround between trips in your jetsetting lifestyle.

Lardini travel suit - Sartoria Lab personal stylist for men

'Easy' houndstooth suit - Lardini at Trunk Clothiers £835 - I tried this on with a client and it looked great. In the end he felt with it's patch pockets and unlined construction it was slightly too casual for what he wanted but nevertheless we both loved it. So if you have a slightly more casual job and are on a trip where you're not sure if you need a suit, this would be perfect as you could dress it up with a shirt and tie or split the blazer and trousers and wear more casually with chinos and trainers.

Reiss travel suit - Sartoria Lab personal style advisor for men

'Belief' modern fit travel suit - Reiss - blazer £250 and trousers £115 - so this one I haven't actually seen in person but the images look convincing. I always do the "screw up" test when I want to find out if something is as crease resistant as it says it is. I don't generally extend to tipping water on them if they say they're water resistant, but helpfully someone else has done that for us and photographed it. A great price too if the others are beyond your budget and it's also available in navy and black.

Canali travel suit - Sartoria Lab style advice and shopping for men

Petrol blue travel wool silk linen Kei suit - Canali £1,350 - another one I remember researching before - this comes in a beautiful petrol colour so that coupled with it's textured wool / silk / linen blend it would be perfect to take if you've been invited to a wedding or party abroad. Being unlined it would be lightweight and cool and it's water and crease resistant.

Like me to do the research for you and help you find your perfect travel suit? Then please get in touch to book in your personal shopping trip.

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