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I recently did a styling webinar with dating coach Hayley Quinn for the guys that are part of her Dating Academy. As many of them were working from home, of course they were dressing in casual and sporty clothes, but when popping out for a walk at lunchtime, were they going to get changed to try and impress any girls they saw and might want to chat to on their tour round the park? Probably not.

So what's the solution? I've got together a selection below for you to make some small changes to upgrade your casual clothes, so you can be comfy at home but when you go out you look just that little bit more pulled together. And when you feel good about yourself, you feel more confident and who doesn't want that, dating or not?!

HandJones Wool Cashmere Sweatshirt Sweater - update your loungewear

Let's start with your sweatshirts - replacing it with a cashmere jumper makes it just that bit more luxurious and elevates your look a tad. This one is by a brand new company called Hand & Jones and has the sweatshirt detailing at the neckline. And as I know how much most men love blue, it's in a shade just a little bit brighter than navy to make you stand out from the crowd.

Wool cashmere sweatshirt sweater - Hand and Jones - £245

Hamilton and Hare travel trousers - smart sweatpants to update your loungewear

Next up are your sweatpants - these travel trousers were originally designed for plane travel but there's not much of that going on these days is there? But hey presto, they're also perfect for lounging round the house when working from home  and they don't look 'slopsville' when you head out of the house.

Travel trousers in dusk grey - Hamilton & Hare - £140

Veja V-10 Kaki White Indigo leather trainers - update your casual wear

If you haven't yet got your head around the fact that trainers don't need to be just for sports, there's never been a better time to do so. Stick these on to look less like you're going for a run and more like you're going to the bar, and notice how the blue at the back goes with the sweater at the top? It's details like this that women notice - and if you pay attention to these details, we feel like you'll pay attention to details that concern us too.

V-10 leather trainers - Veja - £115

Arket down puffer jacket - green - update your casual wear

When did you last update your puffa? I get that most guys like to be practical about their clothes, and outdoor wear in particular but you can look stylish doing so too. I bought one of these earlier this year with a client and it compared favourably with the more expensive versions. A decent length and with the added benefit that it doesn't make you look huge like some puffas can.

Green recycled down puffer jacket  - Arket - £175

Missoni fringed crochet knit scarf - loungewear update

And last but definitely not least.....a scarf. I was asked by one of the Dating Academy  members, what I thought about wearing a football scarf - the guy that asked felt it showed his personality and interests.

That's a good point, but having recently done a short survey with women on how they liked to see men dressed for dating, although accessories were mentioned numerous times, no one ever said a football scarf.

So yes, go for an interesting and unusual scarf like the one above, but I'd save the football scarf for when you can next go and watch a match.....and who knows if you haven't met anyone by then maybe you'll meet your footie scarf loving lady there?

Storm blue fringed crochet knit scarf - Missoni at Mr Porter - £105

And here's a great email I received after working with a single guy last year on outfits for going out!

"Bit of feedback......I wore a black polo jumper, plus velvet jacket and black trousers last night (which I've never done before) in a club and was marauded by more than half a dozen girls all wanting touch, even few guys too! Keep up the good work."

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