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Valentine's Style Toolkit - Day 5

"DATING WARDROBE PITSTOP" - Full Day Personal Shopping

When on the dating scene, you'll need a variety of clothing for your dates - not just for going out to bars and restaurants, but outfits suitable for walks in the park, wandering round galleries and casual coffee dates too.  It's easy to look great in a suit, but can almost be harder to look good whilst dressing casually, and lots of guys struggle with the smart/casual dress code.

A full day's shopping may seem like a daunting task now, but think how you'll feel afterwards, having refreshed and restocked your wardrobe, in just one day, so you're ready to speed off confidently around the next lap of you dating circuit!  Here's how you'll benefit:

:: You'll have an unbiased professional to introduce you to shops you may never have visited and brands you wouldn't have thought of buying previously
:: You'll learn how to crack the elusive smart/casual dress code
:: You'll be shown how to combine items to maximum effect to get the most mileage from them
:: You'll have a set of new dating outfits suited to your colouring, figure, budget, and lifestyle
:: You'll have the option to receive a list of outfits based on what you've bought, so you can remember how they all work together in their various combinations

Cost: £525.00

This is just a summary of the service - for full details, contact me and don't forget to "like" Sartoria Lab on Facebook any time during February for your 10% discount on this service! 


"It's February, and with Valentines Day just around the corner, many men's minds turn to courtship, whether for just a bit of fun or for some serious love.

For many guys, this can also be a very stressful time as they get all shy and tongue-tied about making the first move.  However, the thing is not to fluster trying to remember your best chat-up lines but to get yourself into the right mindset for attraction!  Here are my top tips to get you into the "Dating Zone" this Valentine's Day :

1.Project Confidence 

Confidence is a natural aphrodisiac.  People are attracted to people who are assured and sure-footed so if your dating confidence locker is a bit low, try this:  List all the qualities about yourself that you are proud of and that would make you a great love-catch for someone.  If necessary, ask a good friend to help you - they must like you, right? so they are probably best-placed to reel off all your wonderful qualities.  But don't overdo it, confidence is great, but smugness is a sure turn-off!

2.Be Playful

Dating, flirting and going 'out on the pull' is grown-up people's way of playing, being silly and being self-expressed.  So if you are going out after a hard day of serious work, lighten up your mood beforehand - watch an episode of one of your favourite comedies and play one of your favourite music tracks as you prance around your bedroom getting dressed! Once out, continue your playfulness by gently teasing all and every would-be partner you come across and they'll think you're a really cool and happy-to-be-with guy!

3.Just Have Fun

You're out on the town, so be sure to have fun! Within reason (and legal limits!), do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. If the vibe at the first place you go to is not right, move on to somewhere else.  It's your time so make the most of it and have fun.  You can't control who will be out that night and if they're going to be in the right mood for your personality, but you are in control of your experience of the evening. So if you do end up going home alone, at least you'll have had a fun night out.

4.Don't Take "IT" Personally

The Big IT is rejection! Okay, you've seen this person you really fancy and really want to get to meet them but despite your confidence, playful demeanour and great jokes they don't seem to be interested. Well, it's their loss! Maybe they're having a bad day, maybe their cat died or maybe they're just a regular miserable sourpuss with terrible judgement! You wouldn't want to be with them anyway, right? Move on, - there are plenty of fish in the sea - "Next"!

5.Live in the Moment

So you've met someone, they're laughing at all your jokes, you're sharing little knowing smiles with each other... and your mind starts trying to remember how disgustingly messy you left your bedroom and how many weeks it is since you changed your bed sheets! Rather than start panicking and planning ahead, stay focused on the present. Savour and enjoy the moment and, in the event that they bid you goodnight and goodbye, your won't be too disappointed as you had a great time.

George Pirintzi is a writer, coach and personal development trainer.  
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