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What to wear to take the kids to a pantomime

Dear Sis, Looking forward to taking your kids to the panto and have been practising my booing and hissing all morning! Thinking about what to wear, I'm gonna kick back in my Acne jeans, but wear my Marc by Marc Jacobs colour block sweater so they don't lose me! My Comune Maxwell jacket has plenty of pockets for carrying spare Barbies and Batmans, and just in case there's time after for a quick runaround in the park, I'll wear my comfy Folk boots. I'll have my i-Phone with me all equipped with it's C6 rubberized finish jacket just in case it needs protecting against those small inquisitive hands. Oh, and by the way I spent the Paul Smith voucher you gave me on a belt and stripe socks, both of which I love........"Oh no you don't"......."Oh yes I do"......see I told you, I've been practising! Cheers, your Bruv x

What to wear to take the kids to a pantomime - personal styling for men