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What to wear to the office Christmas party

Choose something simple and chic. This is not the time to try out your more daring outfits – remember you have to work with these people again, you don’t need them ridiculing you for the rest of the year on what you wore to the Christmas party!

Aim to look dressy enough to show that you're happy to be there and it's important to you, and add festive flair by choosing shoes and accessories that are a little different than you'd normally wear to the office.

Slim fitting black jeans are smarter than blue – look for a neat but not tight fit. This wool and silk smoking jacket from Alexander McQueen at Browns is extremely elegant but looks great with the jeans too. I love this round collared shirt from Spencer Hart which gives a subtle difference to your outfit and Burberry London's cashmere bowtie complements this perfectly. Finish off with Mr Hare patent and suede shoes, a smooth finish Etro belt and spot silk pocket square.

What to wear to the office Christmas Party - personal styling for men