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Why you really need a scarf in your wardrobe this Winter

As many of us entered Lockdown 2.0 a few days ago, much of our socialising is set to be in outdoor spaces this winter. You may think you can tough it out with no scarf but think again......according to my friend and massage therapist Vanessa Afful from Made by Pure Hands a scarf is an essential in winter.  Here's what she says:

"From October to March many people who come to my clinic will come because they are having problems with neck, and have shoulder pain.  After I finish their massage, I tell them to start wearing a scarf. Why? Because during this time of year, the cold damp and windy weather will make muscles stiff and you may not even realise it.  You could be fine one day and wake up the next morning completely tight and unable to move your neck!

For this reason warmth and heat is the best way to keep our muscles moving as heat improves our circulation and keeps our muscles pliable.  Plus there is nothing worse than having a massage that makes you feel great and improves your flexibility and relives your neck and shoulder tension, only to go out in the cold and have your neck become stiff again by the time you return home!  So make your scarf your best friend this season, your neck will thank you for it, plus it will stop you raising your shoulders to your ears causing more tension!

So not only do they work to enhance your outfit, you NEED one too. Here are some stylish options for you and I've decided to focus my attention on the dégradé / ombre / gradient scarves. Whatever you like to call it, it refers to how one colour gently merges into the next one to give a subtle, pleasing effect.

Begg and Co Nuance ombre classic cashmere scarf Neist Point

i know how much you guys love blue so this is my first choice. A stunning array of blues to pep up your navy, black and grey without being too garish. Experiment with tying it in different ways to show off a different part of the colour. And if you like your things to be made in the UK - this one's for you as it's woven in Scotland. (And if blue's not your thing, there's 4 more beautiful colours to choose from).

Nuance ombre men's cashmere scarf Neist Point - Begg & Co - £395

 Loewe brown and green striped scarf at Flannels

Prefer a less perfect, more rugged look? Then check out this Loewe number - throw it on with jeans and a roll neck and you've instantly upgraded your outfit. It'll work with tweeds, wax jackets and denim alike and made in a mohair and wool mix it'll keep you toasty warm all winter.

Brown and green stripe scarf - Loewe at Flannels - £175

Green fringed degrade cashmere scarf - Johnstons of Elgin at Mr Porter

If you're going to get just one scarf this winter for socialising outside, forget boring black and go for this multi hued scarf instead. With the greens, blues, burgundies and browns I bet it'll go with the majority of things in your wardrobe and you'll be loathe to take it off!

Green fringed dégradé cashmere scarf - Johnstons of Elgin at Mr Porter - £200

Acne Studios gradient scarf purple and pink

If you're the guy reading this that's thinking "don't be silly Sarah, I don't just have one scarf, I have a whole wardrobe of them" then this one's for you! Not only is it HUGE in dimensions so it's a statement making piece, but it's in beautiful unusual colours too. Try it with greys, blues, browns and purples for a standout look.

Alpaca, wool and mohair gradient pink and purple scarf - Acne Studios - £260

Eton at Harvey Nichols brown merino wool scarf

Nearly scared you off with the scarf above this one?! Don't worry, we're back down to earth now with some subtle elegance that comes in the form of this merino wool fine knit scarf. If you're more into whispering your style than shouting it, then this is the one for you. Wear it now with navy knitwear and a peacoat and if we ever get back to going to the office again, you can wear it with your suit and overcoat too.

Brown merino wool scarf - Eton at Harvey Nichols - £100

Thanks so much to Vanessa for the enlightening info that you NEED a wonderful scarf in your wardrobe! She's currently working online doing self-massage workshops twice a month on Zoom - check them out here or contact her if you'd like to have a private group session.

Or, if you'd like some help to upgrade your accessories or outerwear for outdoor socialising, please do get in touch.... we can shop via my Online Shopping services at the moment and fingers crossed in person after December 2nd.

"I really appreciate this service Sarah. I love the clothes you're getting me in, and I can see how this will work for me and I've already had a number of compliments.

Book your online shopping session here

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