Winter accessories & how to wear them

Winter accessories can really help to show your personal style and also to help your outfit look finished off and put together. It's the small details that often make the difference....a great pair of socks peaking out from under your jeans, a beautiful scarf, a hat to add some colour to your outfit.

Also, it's worth thinking about how you like to wear your accessories - is it one stand out piece to make a statement? Or are your accessories always elegant, classic and good quality but not showy? Perhaps you prefer a rugged look with natural textures and fabrics rather than anything too sleek and polished? This is one of the things I cover in a Personal Styling session which can really help to bring together your personal style whether you're dressed formally or casually. 

Here are some ideas of great winter accessories to add to your wardrobe.

Paul Smith scarf on Sartoria Lab blog - personal style tips for men

Men's burgundy watercolour shades lambswool - Paul Smith - £100

I'd definitely look twice at someone wearing this gorgeous scarf! A twist on a classic style, the graduated colours make it stand out but still retain it's elegance. It would be versatile to wear with different jackets, so why opt for black or navy when you could have something this delicious in your wardrobe?!

If you have a short neck, it's more flattering and creates a vertical line if you wear your scarf either just draped around your neck rather than knotted, or tucked into the v-shape of your jacket or coat lapel. If you have a long neck you can do the Parisian knot (as shown if you click on the link) or wrap the scarf around twice and then knot it.

Pairs in Paris burgundy trainers Sartoria Lab blog - personal styling for men

Burgundy No5 Valmy trainers - Pairs in Paris at Opumo - £220

A client recently bought some burgundy trainers on a shopping trip and was delighted with them, as it wasn't necessarily a colour he would have chosen himself. They seamlessly fitted in with the other pieces we chose and felt like a useful addition to his wardrobe.

I'd suggest wearing them with grey flannel trousers or jeans, a fitted white button down shirt, a knitted navy blazer and maybe a belt like this one. This would be a great outfit for someone in a senior position in a creative or tech company who wants to exert a little authority but still wants to fit in with the jeans,  t-shirt & trainer wearing majority.

Barbour beanie hat on Sartoria Lab blog - personal shopping for men

Clay red men's lambswool watch cap - Barbour at Coggles - £44.95

A hat makes a huge difference to how warm you feel, especially if you're a little short changed in the hair department. It's worth spending some time trying on different styles and colours to see which suits you best. Don't be afraid to add a little colour and sport something like this clay red one from Barbour. It will work great with grey, brilliantly with black and nicely with navy!

If you have a round or square face, don't pull your beanie down too much and have a shallower cuff so you can create a bit of height to make your face look longer. If you have a long face, the opposite is true - wear it so it fits snugly on your head and have a deep cuff.

Folk melange socks on Sartoria Lab blog - styling advice for men

Rust melange socks - Folk - £16

Sometimes it's the small details that make all the difference......a pair of socks that set off your trouser and shoe combination perfectly, for instance.

The general rule of thumb is to match your socks to your trousers not your shoes. Because they have a grey fleck in them, these would work well with grey trousers and the burgundy trainers above, as well as chocolate brown boots or tan brogues.

Hestra Robert brown suede gloves on Sartoria Lab blog - personal stylist for men

Espresso lambskin suede gloves - Hestra Robert at Trunk Clothiers - £70

A great pair of gloves is a must have in every man's winter accessories wardrobe. This elegant pair are in a rich espresso shade of brown and would be smart enough to wear with a formal wool coat (perhaps navy which looks great with chocolate) but will look equally good with jeans and boots on the weekends. Don't forget to tone in your gloves with your other accessories eg: belt, briefcase and shoes.

Like to go shopping for some outfits and winter accessories? This is what a recent client said:

"Just wanted to say thank you for today - I had a lovely time and I am delighted with what we found! Headed out for dinner with my girlfriend, in a new outfit :)"