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Personal Shopping for Men

Personal Shopping trips for men

**COVID-19 UPDATE**  Due to the current situation, all Sartoria Lab services are online for the time being. Please see my ONLINE PERSONAL SHOPPING & STYLING page for details, alternatively you can buy a Gift Voucher for future use for yourself or others - all are valid for one year.

Step 3 in our process of improving your image is to replenish your wardrobe with a personal shopping trip.

Before we meet for the shopping trip, extensive research will be done for you according to your lifestyle, budget and the information we have on your body shape and colouring from your Colour and Style Analysis session and your clothing needs taken from the Wardrobe Edit. This way we can plan out the shopping session and know what can be found where to make it as easy as possible for you once we're together.

If desired and if suitable, a private room can be booked in a personal shopping area, and items will be pre-selected for you.

Once on your  personal shopping trip, you will have the benefit of a professional eye, and a frank (but kind!) opinion. You will be shown how to create different looks with your purchases including smart/casual combinations, and how to combine them together for the total look.

As a follow up to the shopping session, you will receive advice and links to anything else discussed, as well as a list of outfits you can create with the clothes purchased if you'd like.

This is a well spent investment of time and money, leaving you to get on with your life with the knowledge that you look good whilst doing it.

- Pre-shop done for you prior to meeting

- Productive and time-saving

- Unbiased and frank opinion

- Expert knowledge of shops and brands

- Focused and fast

- Buy things that you know work together or with the rest of your wardrobe

- List of outfits created for you from items purchased (if required)

Ready to book in? Here are the details you need:

Duration:  4 - 6 hours
Location:  Central London
Cost:         £440.00

Buy your shopping trip here

If you're buying this for someone else, have a look at my Gift Packages for men for all options.

Listen to what this client said about his shopping trip!

"I love all the purchases we made together, in fact I've worn little else at weekends. Still amazed at how you manage to pick these things out".

Hit the button above if you'd like to be saying the same!