Where to shop for clothes for shorter guys

One of the most read blog posts I have is Where to buy clothes for shorter slim men, so after a recent shopping trip and some online research for a client who had a Colour & Style Consultation, I thought I'd update it with some new findings, as I know how tricky it can be to find things if you're not classed as a 'regular' size.

In this post, I've concentrated on tops as this is slightly trickier and not as easy to alter, but if you click through to the other posts at the end you'll be able to see some of the other places, where I've found trousers.

Asket t-shirt - shorter length t-shirt for short guys

You may be able to get shirts altered, but t-shirts are more difficult so it's exciting to find that Asket actually does shorter lengths crew necks, polo shirts, and shirts as well. I've never actually tried any of these for anyone, but the measurements are listed (click "what's my size") so you can compare them with something you already have.

For a bit of context - I have a client who's 5'4" who's ideal t-shirt length is 25.5". The listed measurements on the Asket site for the center back are 24.8" for a size S and 26" for a size M. I'd probably order both to see which was the best fit on him, but in the meantime if you order any, please let me know how you get on!

Blue lightweight t-shirt - Asket - £35

Suit Supply - where to get blazers for short men

Not that many places have different options of lengths for blazers - suits, yes, but blazers less so. Thankfully, Suit Supply have often come to the rescue when I'm shopping with clients, and I've bought shorter length jackets here which are a perfect fit. It's especially useful if you're a bigger guy but need a shorter length.

There are lots of options but I picked this lightweight green one for something slightly unusual......and it's probably easier than you think to combine - it'll look good with jeans (blue or off white), beige chinos, navy, grey or black trousers.

Mid green stretch cottton jacket - Suit Supply - £199

Purple Hat shirt specialist for short men

I've ordered these shirts for shorter clients and taken them along on shopping trips with me - they're absolutely perfect and need no alterations in sleeves or body length. It's such a shame as it was a brilliant niche, but unfortunately it looks like the company won't be continuing once the stock is gone, there's only one or two sizes left in any of the colours, so if you fancy anything -  you'd better be quick!

Casual purple gingham shirt - Purple Hat - £40

Spoke pique polo top - clothes for shorter guys

Spoke London have become well known for their excellent chinos with the wide variety or waist, length and "build" options and I'm pleased to see they've now turned their hand to tops as well.

There's a variety of t-shirts and shirts to choose from, though in comparison to Asket the t-shirts come up a bit longer. One of the reviews I read was from someone who was 5'6" and described himself as stocky/athletic - he was pleased with how the M size came up though he would have preferred it a little shorter. Perhaps if enough people leave reviews like this, the next batch might be shorter, as I know Spoke do listen to any feedback people give.

Pink pique polo - Spoke London - £42

Hackett blazer - shorter length blazers

Another great place for short length blazers is Hackett - I popped in recently when I was prepping for a client's shopping trip and measured a few of the short length jackets in a size 38" - they came up in slightly differing lengths but they were all between 27.5" and 28" from back neck to hem. We didn't end up buying from here, as we'd already found blazers that fitted well from Sandro and Slowear, but it's definitely worth popping in.....and a word of advice, if you don't see the sizes on the shop floor or any that you like, ask an assistant as when I did that, he brought up all sorts of things from the stockroom that I wouldn't have otherwise found.

Windowpane check silk wool blazer - Hackett - £237.50

Another couple of places I discovered online (but have no experience of) that sell clothes specifically designed for shorter guys are:

Ruler of London

Ash & Erie

Peter Manning

And if you still can't find things to fit or have items in your wardrobe that you'd like to have altered, I highly recommend Savva Tailors, where I take all my clients.

"I have had a couple of sessions with Sarah and she is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, adaptable and encourages you to think outside the box and try new things - but also won't press something on you that you know you won't ever wear. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone looking to add some sartorial elegance and taste to home, office or holiday wardrobe."

I've shopped successfully with lots of shorter guys of all sizes before, so if you can't be bothered to shop for yourself and would like to have me to do it for you, then get in touch. I'll suss out where to buy things to fit, and go round measuring to find the most appropriate items, take you to my tailor to get alterations done and write you a list of outfits afterwards! You can book in for your personal shopping trip here:

Book your personal shopping trip here

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