Personal styling, shopping and wardrobe management for men

Welcome to Sartoria Lab, which provides Personal Shopping, Styling and Wardrobe Management services for men.

Statistics show that 70% of first impressions made are based on your appearance. Another 20% on how you sound, and just 10% on what you have to say. Therefore it makes sense for you to use your appearance as a powerful tool, whatever you’re looking to achieve. A great appearance is not only beneficial to you, it’s essential.

Sartoria Lab is a menswear personal style consultancy that is aimed at men that need to look good, but don’t necessarily have the time, inclination, or knowledge to do it themselves.

So if you would like to improve and update your image, whether it's for a promotion at work, you've become newly single, or you just need to replenish your wardrobe, Sartoria Lab will work with you to achieve a cool, contemporary, and classy image, based on your lifestyle and needs.