Personal Colour & Style Consultation for men

Personal Colour & Style Consultation for men
1.5 - 2 hours
Your home

If you'd like to expand the range of colours you wear, try out some new styles and get fresh new ideas on how to wear things but don't know where to start, then read on to see how I can help....

STEP 1 : Colour & Style Consultation - Here's how it works


  • First I'll look at which colours suit you, by contrasting and comparing a series of drapes against your skin.This process looks at your hair, skin and eyes and matches the colours to your own natural colouring to see which enhances it the most.

  • I'll advise you on which colours to choose for shirts, jackets, neutrals and accent colours and how to combine them. This applies to all types of clothing casual, formal and everything in between.

  • It'll give you some guidelines to follow and widen your choice of colours to wear but narrow down what you look for in the shops - making it much easier to go shopping! 


  • Next up during your personal styling session, I'll look at your proportions, body shape, and scale to see which cuts, styles, and detailing are most flattering for you. I'll also let you know which patterns, fabrics, and accessories to choose, as well as which frames, hairstyles, and hats will suit your face shape.

  • As well as this we’ll look at your Style Personality. I’ll see where you're at with your style, and what sort of looks you aspire to.  I'll then go through the details that make up the style you like, so it’ll help ensure you get it right with future purchases.

  • Afterwards I'll email you your personalised Style Profile with a summary of the things we discussed, so you can remember what was said, and use it for future reference to find the best clothing options for you!

Click the button above to book in your Personal Colour & Style Consultation.

Or contact me if you have questions or if you're based outside Zone 2 as travel time will be charged. 

Next step: Wardrobe Edit - this can be done at the same time as the Colour & Style Consultation



"Sarah is a wonder. What you want from a personal stylist is someone who clearly and comprehensively knows what they're doing. Sarah is exactly this. She's friendly, assured, and non-stop helpful.

I booked a personal styling session and came away feeling much more confident immediately. She quickly honed in on what worked for me, and explained the reasoning behind it all.

Afterwards she wrote up her every recommendation and sent it through, which was great as it turned out I'd forgotten quite a few already. Highly recommended!"

Andrew - Colour & Style Consultation for Men

"This is great. Thanks so much for your guidance and the information.

I've already started to look at different elements that I would have previously ignored & I've found some great Oliver Sweeney shoes following your recommendation.

Really looking forward to a new and brighter shopping experience."

John - Colour & Style Consultation for Men

"I’ve been transitioning from a singing career into running my own coaching business and really needed to readdress my wardrobe. I had a great styling session with Sarah this week to help me do just that.

Sarah was bright and friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and never made me feel like an idiot with the questions I was asking. I asked her for a set of rules to help make shopping easier and she more than delivered, providing images, links and loads of guides to help me create the look I want on my own.

If you’d like to shake up your style and look your best I would highly recommend working with her. Its definitely money well spent."

Darren - Colour & Style Consultation for Men