FAQs about personal shopping & styling services for men


Thinking of working with me, but not quite decided? Have a look through, to see some of the questions that people ask before they go ahead and book a personal shopping trip for men or personal styling session for men. And if the question you have isn't answered here, then contact me here and ask away!

What's the difference between your Personal Shopping services for men and a personal shopper in store?

Personal shoppers are great if you want to update your wardrobe with some new trends, and are happy to stay in one shop. If you'd prefer someone to get to know you a little better and you'd like to have the freedom to go to different stores then a personal stylist for men like myself would be more suited to you. I send out a questionnaire to clients before meeting up with them so I have plenty of background information on you and shop with your needs and lifestyle in mind.

Frequently I'll have done a Personal Styling session and/or Wardrobe Edit with you before the shopping trip and afterwards I can put outfits together for you, either by coming to your home or by compiling a list, or images for your future reference.

I don't mind how much or how little you spend, as long as you go away happy! For more detailed info, check out "What's the difference between all the shopping and styling services for men" and "What's the difference between and independent personal shopper and an in-store personal shopper".

What sort of budget do I need for a Personal Shopping trip for men?

There's no set amount and I've shopped with clients at all different levels. As a rough guide most clients have around £2,500 upwards to spend, but that's not to say that I can't help you if you have a tighter budget, just let me know.

What can I expect to receive after a Personal Shopping session?

Compliments!! Plus a wardrobe that's easy to put together and suited to you.

As well as this, if there are any items we couldn't find whilst on our personal shopping trip because of sizing issues etc then I'll send you links to them online. I'll put together outfits for you too - either in a written format or with images.......clients have told me how they refer to these frequently afterwards, sometimes for a good few years!

Plus if there's any other helpful information we may have discussed during the session then I can send that to you too. e.g.: links on how to fold a pocket square, tie scarves etc

I'll check in with you a couple of months later, to see how you're getting on with everything too.

Where do you travel to see clients for Personal Styling and Wardrobe Edits?

The furthest I've been is Romania! However, most of my clients are in or around London and I'm happy to travel if costs are paid (usually train fares & taxis, and on occasion planes and hotels).  If it's outside of London, travel time will be charged at £55 per hour from the London station the train departs from.

I generally prefer to shop in London as I know the shops well and there's a very good choice but if you can't get here, then please contact me to discuss. There are more details on this page about the different areas in London I tend to shop in with my clients, and what they provide.

Do I have to do the Personal Styling and Wardrobe Edit before Personal Shopping?

It is helpful as I get to know you and your wardrobe better before shopping and you'll have the Style Profile I've created for you to refer to afterwards. However it's not essential and if you have very few clothes or live abroad then you may prefer to skip this part.

Why would I pay you when I can take a friend, my wife or rely on the shop assistant?

Having a personal shopper is a very different experience from having a friend along with you. Firstly, my attention will be 100% on you. I go out to the shops before meeting with you to do a "recce" and work hard to hook into what your unique personal style is, so I can recommend the right products. I'm patient and understanding and also I'll put outfits together for you and suggest how else you could wear things. 

Most shop assistants won't be trained in which colours and shapes suit you, whereas I am.  Many of them will be trying to hit targets and it's possible that may be more important to them than telling you the truth about whether or not something suits you. People pay me for my honesty, and as I hate lying, you can be assured that's what you'll get.....albeit done in the nicest possible way!

How can you choose clothes for someone you don't know?

When I first started working as a personal stylist for men, I thought this might be a problem but now I think it's an advantage. I don't have any preconceptions about how you dress and that leaves my mind free to see what would suit you according to your colouring, body shape and lifestyle.

Obviously you'll have likes and dislikes, which of course I'll listen to but I find clients are very open minded in general and willing to try new things and consequently end up with some surprise purchases that they'd ordinarily have dismissed.

Why do I need a men's personal stylist? 

A personal stylist is like a fresh pair of eyes for you and your wardrobe. No preconceptions, no attachment, just lots of kind honesty, and suggestions of how to enhance and upgrade your look to create a good first impression.

Most of the clients I work with, dress okay to start with, but they'd just like to make some tweaks to enhance their appearance and appreciate having someone to help them do it.  The majority of clients come for a general update to their day to day wardrobe but there are also some who come when they want to shop for a special occasion.

I hate shopping can you still help me?

Of course! That's why I set up Sartoria Lab. I believe that most men don't like shopping as they don't know where to look or go, for the things to achieve the look they want......and that's why they enjoy shopping with someone who does know. I've had countless clients say to me "I really enjoyed it.....I never thought I'd say that about shopping". When they achieve the results they want. it becomes enjoyable.

What age range do you work with?

The average age range I work with tends to be mid thirties to mid fifties. I find this age range tend to start wanting to change their look a little and feel what they wore in their twenties is not appropriate anymore and they'd like to look a little more "grown up" but they don't want to look like their dads either.

This is particularly relevant in the work place when they may work for a creative or tech company who's dress codes are relaxed, but many of them are in a senior position and would like to differentiate themselves from the juniors without looking like they don't belong there.

That said, I've also worked with clients from 17 to 71, so whatever your age, I can help!

How long does a Personal Shopping trip for men last?

Usually it lasts around 6 hours - you may think that's a long time to shop but believe me it goes really fast. Sometimes it can take less time if you're not looking for a whole wardrobe update, and sometimes we carry on until it's done and you're happy.

Do we stop for lunch / coffee breaks on a Personal Shopping day?

Yes of course, we can stop for a break. It's up to you though if you'd rather bring some water with you and power through without stopping, then that's fine too. I'll check in with you on the day to see if you'd like to take a break at some point.

What's the format of the day on a Personal Shopping trip for men?

I suggest you have a look at this blog post for more detailed information. Briefly explained though, I will have already done some preparation before our shopping day - I'll have either put things by in a store or made notes on potential options. We'll get started straight away, and I'll show you my suggestions and get you to try them on. Once we've found a few things we like we'll create outfits with them, and make sure everything on your list is ticked off.

Where will I meet you when we go shopping?

As mentioned above, I shop in Central London with clients. It depends on what you need to get and your budget, as to where we go. This page tells you more about the areas I usually shop in with clients. I try and make sure everything is fairly close together to make it as efficient as possible, but occasionally we'll take a short cab to where we need to go.

Do I need to make notes during the Colour and Style Consultation?

No you don't need to make any notes (unless you'd like to) as I'll send you a detailed 'Style Profile' with all the things we've discussed after the session. You'll also receive a Colour Swatch as a reminder of the colours we liked on you.

Do I need to prepare anything before the Wardrobe Edit?

Not really, though it would be helpful to gather your clothes in one place eg: if all your coats / shoes are in the hall you could take them to your bedroom / dressing room so we have everything in one place to look at. Or if you have seasonal things that you've put away, then you might want to grab them for me to look at too. 

If you have tons of clothes and want to concentrate on putting combinations together to make up outfits, then to save time on the day, it might be worthwhile trying on anything you suspect may not fit anymore. That way you can use my skills to focus on  that, rather than on agreeing that something no longer fits! If you're unsure about the fit, then by all means, we can look at it together.

Have a look at this blog post I wrote for more details on How Does A Wardrobe Edit For Men Work?

Can we split the Personal Shopping trip into 2 sessions?

If you really can't face shopping for the majority of a day, don't have the time, or have different areas of your life you'd like to shop for (weekends / suits) then yes we can split it. It will cost more though as I'll be doing double the prep time.

Do you advise on glasses and sunglasses?

Yes, I often include shopping for glasses and sunglasses on a shopping trip, and have a few favourite places I go to. I can advise on shapes and colours to suit your face shape. I'm not an optician though, so if there are other factors you need to take into consideration (like thickness of lens) that influence the style, then I'll let the retailer advise on that.

Do you work with a particular style?

I work with guys who have all different styles, and my job is to hook into that, so they look the best version of themselves and continue their style into all areas of their wardrobe. I guess everyone has their preferences though, and although I try and vary what I show, have a look through my blog posts to make sure you like the sort of clothes I talk about.

Do you recommend hairdressers / barbers?

Yes I can recommend you to a barber in London, though I don't have contacts outside London. 

Do you work with guys who are bigger or smaller than average? 

Yes I do. As you probably already know, if you're a larger or smaller man, your choices are more limited, but I'm very happy to do the research and if need be, we can do a combination of online and in-person shopping.

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