Testimonials from Sartoria Lab clients

Andrew (Wardrobe Edit & 2 x Personal Shopping trips)

“I now have 43 outfit combos to choose from! All contained in a handy app on my phone. 

Sarah has a great eye for what works with what and what doesn't, and really helped me get out of my comfort zone (in a good way:)

I would highly recommend both the Wardrobe Edit and a Shopping Trip to really give your look a dynamic refresh.”

Toby (Personal Shopping)

"I have had a couple of sessions with Sarah and she is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, adaptable and encourages you to think outside the box and try new things - but also won't press something on you that you know you won't ever wear. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone looking to add some sartorial elegance and taste to home, office or holiday wardrobe."

Mike (Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping)

"I asked Sarah to do a wardrobe vet for me which turned out to be a great investment.

Not only did she give me the confidence to throw away one third of my clothes, none of which suited me or were worn out, but she also recovered quite a number things I'd forgotten about and arranged for many of them to be cleaned and repaired.

I ended up buying very few new garments yet feel as though I have a wardrobe which is refreshed and now have a pretty good idea of what to wear (and what not to wear)!

I've since referred her to a close friend who I hope also benefits from this service."

Danny and Ian - Personal Styling & Wardrobe Edits (done together)

Danny - "This is great, thank you so much! We both had a great day yesterday, thank you for all your time. It made me really think about what colours I like and what colours match me and my skin/colour tone. As Ian has said in his email it was great for us both to be there as it helps me appreciate his dramatic style and Ian to appreciate my preference for a classic look.

The style profiles, tips and ideas are brilliant and I will definitely be using these when shopping now and in the future. I now have the confidence to know what my style is and how to pick it out to have a well dressed look and not just thrown together.

Thanks again for all your help, we had good fun yesterday and you were very easy to get to know and have a laugh with, a real pleasure. We can both see ourselves working with you again in the future.  :)"

Ian - "Absolutely loved yesterday, it made so much sense what you were saying. It crystallised my thoughts and helped me understand my style. I think it really benefitted us both being there, as it made us appreciate each others style, and means we can help each other with outfits."

Carl - Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

"Thank you so much for our session last week. Despite flagging towards the end of the day I had a super time and I’ll be coming back!!

I may also be reaching out in May as this will make for a super gift for my partner. Watch this space!!!"

Andrew -Personal Styling

"This is great! Thank you so much - exactly what I was after. I shall very much enjoy finding brighter colours without having to worry :-)"

John - Personal Styling

"This is great. Thanks so much for your guidance and the information. I've already started to look at different elements that I would have previously ignored & I've found some great Oliver Sweeney shoes following your recommendation. Really looking forward to a new and brighter shopping experience."

Robin - Personal Styling & Wardrobe Edit

"I just wanted to say a big thank you before I depart for my short skiing trip tomorrow. I have had a brief look at your attachments and it looks fab – I have plenty to go at and I love it. Certainly, I found last week useful.

It's good to receive a word of encouragement from someone like yourself to try something a little different. You see things that just don't occur to me in terms of styling and putting things together which was really good."

Ben - Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping

"Thank you so much for your email, and indeed for such a useful day last week!  I'm delighted with everything that we bought (as was my wife), and I did indeed get the Levi 511s from the Levi store on Regents Street – in fact I bought another pair in a different wash as well, so in the end I felt like it was a very successful day! 

I'm not sure how many clothes your clients normally end up walking home with, but it was plenty for me given that I usually end up empty handed and depressed after shopping.  There are also still lots of ideas in my head for places to go and things that I could get in the very near future (including all the bits on the attachment you kindly sent through).  So, an enormous thank you!"

Sean - Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping

"My wedding anniversary party was brilliant. Everyone was saying how slim and well I was the suit. Thank you very much."

Charles - Personal Shopping

"I'm thrilled with the new clothes and thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip.  I got separate compliments on the blue check shirt and shoes at the weekend."

Paul - Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

"Hi Sarah, Just wanted to say thank you for today - I had a lovely time and I am delighted with what we found! Headed out for dinner now with my girlfriend in a new outfit :). I'll be in touch again in a month or two."

Nicholas - Online Styling

"Thank you very much for your document and thoughts. Much appreciated! Some great ideas here. Thanks again for your super fast last minute help."

Mike - Personal Shopping

"Thank you again for yesterday. I had a great day and as always you went over and above what I was expecting. Thank you, thank you so, so much".

And his wife said:

"I'm loving what you sent Mike home with, he's a new man and a big thumbs up for the swimwear."

Ben - Personal Shopping

"That's great, thanks for sending all that through. It was great working with you, I enjoyed it and found it very helpful. It's been nice to have some clothes that I actually like, so thank you for that!"

Jonathan - Personal Styling

"Thanks Sarah. I found the personal styling session useful and thought the presentation was very professional."

Andrew - Personal Styling

"Thanks very much for the session on Wednesday, it was great meeting you and I found the session really useful and helpful. I’m keen to pull together a capsule wardrobe over the next 6 months, adding stuff as I go rather than buying it all in one hit. Our first session has given me a great start on colours.....I found that really useful."

(We are currently collaborating on getting together his capsule wardrobe via the Subscription Service).

Matthew - Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

"Thank you again. My partner loves all the pieces and says you were absolutely "spot-on" with the color choices and the pieces. I too am extremely happy with it all and look forward to our next session in a few months time."

Matt - Personal Styling

"In summary, it all seems to be working out nicely. I think overall the consultation did the trick - I’m paying more attention to what I wear and have more of an interest in shopping etc, which is exactly what I wanted!"                      

Robert - Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

"I really enjoyed the shopping trip, it was great fun. It was true that I'd never spent that amount of time shopping before, and I was excited with everything when I got home. Since Thursday I've been out twice, both times wearing a combination from your suggestions. It has marked a turning point in my fashion consciousness. Thanks for all the effort in putting all the extra information together, that's really helpful."                                             

Phani - Personal Shopping

"Thank you for all the effort and help, I greatly appreciate it. You made shopping a breeze for me and I thoroughly enjoyed and loved it. 

I shall go through the videos and play with the pocket square folding ideas and thanks for putting the list of outfits together, you're the best! I shall update you on how the shoot goes and send the pictures once I receive them".

And after his second shopping trip for his wedding:

"Thank you for everything, I definitely couldn't have done it without you. Can't wait to try everything out in India, I bet everyone's going to love the clothes and styles!"

Colin - Wardrobe Edit

"Thanks so much for sending this through. There's lots here for me to think about and I'm looking forward to my dress down Friday tomorrow with a bit more confidence! I'll be spending some time this weekend looking through the links but what I've seen so far looks great.

Thanks again for all your help - I really found it worthwhile and will let you know when I need more help or a shopping trip".

And after the Shopping Trip:

"Thanks for your help at the weekend. I'm really pleased with everything we found and just as importantly my wife is impressed too! Thanks for the suggestions as to how to wear them. I've already gone for one of the outfits for a work away day this week".

Paul - Personal Styling & Wardrobe Edit

"Thanks for sending this across so quickly. This is really excellent. I'm very pleased with the outfit ideas and the shopping ideas and guidance on what to buy or avoid. Some of your more quirky ideas are excellent!"

Ceri - Personal Shopping

"Just a note to say thanks for your time earlier. I really enjoyed shopping with you, it was so easy and such a relaxed day even though we were full on. They are not always words that I associate with clothes shopping!

I’m thrilled with my purchases and I’m delighted and amazed that we managed to get everything on my wish list. Getting your views and advice on each item really reassures me that they are right for me."

And a few months afterwards:

"Thanks for all your help this year. I'm currently sat waiting to meet friends in my blue Nigel Hall jacket, white shirt & blue Boss jeans. A friend I met earlier described me as looking "very sharp!". I feel it too! Look forward to seeing you again in the Spring".

And more compliments a few months later:

"Just wanted to say that I was at a friend's house last night wearing the brighter Howick jumper, blue Nigel Hall trousers & white shirt which you picked out for me. One of my friends commented on how smart I was looking & then a group of my female friends who were listening said how much they thought the colour suited me. It's a really vibrant colour & I love it but I don't think I'd have had the courage to pick it out for myself. That's exactly why I came to you for your help. It felt so great to get such compliments so thanks so much for your help and advice. You really know your stuff! Look forward to seeing you again in the Spring".

Darren - Personal Styling

"I’ve been transitioning from a singing career into running my own coaching business and really needed to readdress my wardrobe. I had a great styling session with Sarah this week to help me do just that. Sarah was bright and friendly, incredibly knowledgable and never made me feel like an idiot with the questions I was asking. I asked her for a set of rules to help make shopping easier and she more than delivered, providing images, links and loads of guides to help me create the look I want on my own. If you’d like to shake up your style and look your best I would highly recommend working with her. Its definitely money well spent."

Lee - Personal Shopping

"Thanks for sending the list of outfits and links through and thanks again for your time last week. I’m delighted with all the stuff that I bought (I’m wearing the checked shirt and the mac today!) I’m sure my wife will be in contact soon, she was very impressed with your service!"

Kim - Personal Styling and Personal Shopping

"Wow, thank you SO much for all of that, that is amazing!!!  Very useful indeed :)  And so comprehensive including all the outfits, which is really helpful, thank you!!!My girlfriend loves all the stuff. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your very thorough styling session, style guide and personal shopping.  I am very pleased with it all. I will look forward to looking through the stuff you sent me in much more detail..."

Eben - Personal Shopping

"Wow. Sarah – wonderful. You have a great product and I enjoyed the session enormously."

James - Personal Shopping

"Thank you so much for this list of outfits, and further shopping suggestions. It really is very helpful. I enjoyed our shopping trip and meeting with you too - don't be surprised if I call on your services again in the future!"

Nick - Personal Shopping

"Thanks again for a great day yesterday. I really appreciate the time, effort and energy you gave me. I never thought I'd survive an 8 hour shopping session! but I did and it was great fun. I'm really pleased with my purchases and look forward to showing them off.

Ed - Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"I love all the purchases we made together, in fact I've worn little else at weekends. Still amazed at how you manage to pick these things out. Looking forward to the next time I can justify a wardrobe refresh! Thanks again."

Denry - Personal Shopping

"Many thanks for your time today  - very useful. Thanks for calling PS about the jackets; I will head over there on Monday.

I will certainly contact you next time I am in London, much much more efficient and much much more fun than dragging myself around the shops alone.

Thanks again for all of our help and for the Uniform for the Dedicated link  - you are a goldmine of advice and info".

Hunain - Personal Styling, Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"Thanks so much for the outfit list and further shopping items. I've already started putting the outfits together and I'm going to get my suit/blazer/trousers adjusted tomorrow, and have arranged a haircut afterwards.

All that will be left is to fill in the gaps using your further shopping list then I think I'm well and truly good to go.

I'm excited to start trying out the outfits and experimenting. Both lists are very comprehensive and easy to follow. Once again, thanks for all your help".

Andy - Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great day's shopping (that sentence is one I never thought I would write!).  Your endless energy certainly kept me going and I appreciated all your help and advice. I am looking forward to getting your notes."

Toby - Personal Shopping

"Sarah - thanks so much for yesterday. Am delighted with my new wardrobe and my wife thinks everything is very cool! Cheers".

Terry - Gift Voucher bought by his wife for Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

She said: "Sarah  - many thanks for yesterday. He said it was one of the best experiences he'd ever had and was really happy. Clothes look amazing. We were really blown away by you  - thank you."

He said: "I had an amazing day shopping. It was a great experience and was a memorable part of my 40th. I think it makes so much sense to get help from an expert. I'm loving my new wardrobe".

Chris L - Personal Styling & Personal Shopping

"Thanks for a great day today. It was hard work but oh so useful.

Tomorrow will be the great wardrobe sort out!

I was most impressed by your professional approach, and the energy that you put into it. It was great to work with you.

I look forward to a follow up session in due course, and seeing you again.

Very best wishes and thanks again."

Jon - Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping

"Thank you so much for your help yesterday, I feel like a new person. My partner did indeed love what we bought, and I'm thrilled to know I will look better because of all the work you are doing on my behalf. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you!"

And after a few months:

"You have changed my life. I can’t tell you how many people have commented that my wardrobe, and consequently my outlook on life, has improved, thanks to your guidance. I love my new clothes, and I wear them with confidence".

Jeremy - Personal Shopping

"Thanks for your time today. I really enjoyed myself, despite the fact that I wasn't feeling on top form. Thanks for the help and insights. I can't wait to show my girlfriend and to collect the trousers on Monday!"

Chris H - Wardrobe Edit

"I think our session has been a massive success. I get more out of what I already have, buy with more confidence and also buy very different things!"

Varun - Personal Styling, Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"My "big" thank you for your help and our extremely productive sessions in the past year. As we speak, I have come from low awareness, slow and inefficient shopping to extremely high awareness, supersonic, and highly efficient shopping. I am more than delighted to share that I have come a long way since we met late 2012. And I am very optimistic that this is merely the beginning".

Dale - Personal Shopping

"I had a great's so much easier shopping with a professional and great fun to boot! I'm really pleased with what I have bought, and have already worn some of them out for the evening and actually thought I looked good, which was a revelation! The list of outfits is really useful and I will of course experiment religiously! Thanks again - it was lovely to meet you and we'll doubtless meet again for a refresher!"

Thomas - Personal Shopping

"It was so much more fun than I thought it would be :) Thanks once again!"

And after a few weeks of wearing his new clothes:

"People are LOVING my look, just came back from 17 day book tour and people were wowed, saying how great I looked and that I looked 'sharp'.  So mission accomplished! You made me look good and feel relaxed".

Ralph - Personal Styling and Personal Shopping

"My Personal Styling session with Sarah was very enjoyable and informative. So much so, that we scheduled a personal shopping session on short notice in London to acquire a flattering capsule of business casual clothes. 

I highly appreciated Sarah's friendly and professional demeanor and the fun shopping experience with her. My wife and I are very pleased with the clothes Sarah and I chose. Our friends and neighbours were also impressed with the result.

An immense thank you to Sarah for her terrific work, sharp eye for details and fabulous outfits list (including online links to further accessories). I will not hesitate to highly recommend her services to my friends."

Daniel - Personal Shopping

"Hi Sarah, just a note to say thanks so much for such an enjoyable shopping session. That's something I never thought I would write. I wore the Paul Smith suit and the stripe tie for the pitch yesterday; lots and lots of compliments. I felt very confident in it. The green Reiss shirt will get its first outing this evening. And by the way, my wife was particularly impressed with your comprehensive outfit lists. We're delighted."

John - Personal Shopping

"Thank you for everything you have done for me. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I get many, especially from women. My wife laughs when I tell her! It's quite amazing."

Sumon - Wedding Styling package and Personal Shopping

"Just wanted to say thanks again for sorting out my outfits. There is no way I could have done it without you. To be honest it frightens me to think what position I'd be in at this moment if I had gone about it alone!"

Charles - Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"Many thanks for this and all your help yesterday and on Friday. I really enjoyed our two sessions, am thrilled with my new look wardrobe, and have already received lots of compliments. Hopefully we'll get to do it again before too long."

Rohan - Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"I don't think anyone can get better than Sarah! The session was all I had hoped for and more!!! She was so warm and charming and thorough and honest and professional and witty....with matchless enthusiasm and energy!
We established that there was very little worth keeping in my closet, and one by one we chucked everything out. I feel transformed!

The admiring glances won't stop - age and sex no bar! In fact, everyone comes around at work to give me a good hard look every morning and see what I'm dressed in. I have become an expert at mixing and matching and manage to look different everyday. I can't thank you enough - I feel so confident now and the vibes are so positive. Suddenly everyone wants to be with me, and I have to put them on hold!"

Andy - Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

"The clothes we edited out filled three bin bags. I thought it would be traumatic to lose them, but Sarah made it totally painless. She gave me confidence about wearing the ones I kept, explained why I shouldn't be wearing the others anyway, and made it fun sorting them out.

I've just packed for a trip to Cannes, and was amazed how much easier it was to sort out the clothes I needed to take."

Olliver - Personal Styling and Wardrobe Edit

"Thank you so much for coming over and being so helpful and delightful. Within 24 hours of my wardrobe assessment, I've been to the hospice charity shop and handed over all the rejected items you balanced carefully on my bannister rail. No turning back!

You have done a wonderful job, with a delightfully flattering style profile - excellent! It will take me a while to digest all the information you have given me, but bit by bit I'll troll around the shops you suggest, and discreetly examine the odd print-out from your shopping list!

The Sartoria Lab offering exudes style. You've done a fantastic job. Thank you."

Gareth - Personal Shopping

"I just wanted to say a quick thanks for Friday - I really enjoyed it and have already received lots of compliments. Hopefully we'll get to do it again at some point."

Edwin - Personal Shopping

"My session was fantastic! Sarah was there on time with everything organized, and a whole range of clothes prepared, ready to try. We soon talked about colours which I was really pleased to learn about. We then moved on to trying all sorts of clothes, many of which worked so well even from just seeing my photographs and what I had put in the questionnaire.
Sarah was a pleasure to get on with; had a great eye, was firm saying what didn't work, went the extra mile in finding something that worked just right, rather than nearly. And she made it all very relaxed, comfortable, encouraging and great fun. I now have a good idea of what brands work for me, the types of cut, colour and the best shops."

Lawrence - Personal Shopping

"I had great fun with Sarah and she certainly helped me broaden my horizons from a wardrobe perspective. I would never have achieved the same on my own in a month of Sundays. Sarah was very good, and more than anything I appreciated her frank opinion. I can see a time later in the year where I might like to do the same again focusing on other areas of my wardrobe with Sarah. Many thanks for all your help again, think the biggest benefit of the whole exercise is I no longer feel totally clueless as to what to buy or intimidated by such places."

Jeremy - Personal Shopping

"Sarah was excellent and displayed an excellent understanding of fashion and also store location."

Murdo - Personal Shopping

"My shopping trip with Sarah was a great success. For once in my life, I really enjoyed shopping! Sarah was a great help, very professional and good fun to shop with. I was very happy with the service and all of my expectations were met. I am very happy with the items she helped me buy, and have already started to wear some of them. I can't wait to get into the office on Friday, now I have things to wear for dress down Friday!"