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3 x unstructured navy blazers & why you need one

Smarter than a cardigan, more relaxed than a structured  jacket, the casual unstructured blazer is a great item to have in your wardrobe for the summer season. 

Here, I dissect three options that I've seen whilst out and about, and highlight why they might work for you dependent on body shape and lifestyle:

Uniqlo navy linen summer blazer - personal styling for men

This was a bonus find with my client this week! He lives in a tropical country so it's the perfect weight as it's not much heavier than a shirt, and it came up very neat and shorter in length (26 & 1/4") so the XS was a perfect fit for his 5'4" / 38" chest frame.

You need this if:

- You want to look smart but live in a hot country or overheat quickly
- You want a smart casual blazer to put over a t-shirt
- You're shorter in stature

Navy linen unstructured blazer - Uniqlo - £59.90

Boglioli unstructured navy blazer - personal shopping for men

Boglioli are masters of the understated Italian "sprezzatura" - in other words, not looking as if you've tried too hard. This blazer is in cotton and is garment washed so gives it that lived in feel without you having to go through the process. I find this suits some people, who can look like their mum has dressed them if they go for clothing that is very pristine or structured!

If you find sometimes items look too "manicured", then this is the jacket for you, plus any of the following reasons:

- You work in tech but want to look a bit more authoritative now you've been promoted
- You want something relaxed to go with jeans and t-shirts or casual button down shirts
- You have a prominent bottom so double vents tend to sit better on you

Boglioli navy unstructured blazer - Trunk Clothiers - £595

Paul Smith navy unstructured blazer - personal style consultant for men

Paul Smith is very popular with many of my clients and this price point is just right for them too. Being a dark navy and in a smooth fabric, this is a little smarter than the others but the unstructured nature of it with the patch pockets keep it more relaxed too.

Perfect for you if:

- You work in a relaxed office but want something to smarten up occasionally
- You travel for work so need a suit to wear in the day (it comes with matching trousers) + a jacket to wear at night with jeans and a t-shirt
- You need a slightly boxier cut as slim fits are too tight around the waistline

Navy unstructured navy blazer - PS by Paul Smith - £350

Would you like to go shopping to find an unstructured blazer and other smart casual pieces? Get in touch today to discuss a personal shopping trip:
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