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5 x Ways To Style An Overshirt

An overshirt can be one of those things that you'd like to wear but don't quite know how to.......will it be warm enough to wear on it's own over a t-shirt instead of a jacket? Will it be too bulky to wear under another jacket or coat?

If you're having this dilemma and can't quite figure out how you'll get enough use from it then check out the ideas below. I've given you 5 suggestions of how to wear it, so as well as layering over a crew neck t-shirt or fine knit sweater, you'll have plenty more combinations too.

5 x ways to style an overshirt - on top of a hoody

In a plain dark colour and smooth fabric, this overshirt can go either way - smart or casual. For casual, I love it layered over the hoody or click through to see it on top of a sweatshirt. For smarter wear, if you feel like your blazer wearing days are numbered whilst we're still in the grip of this pandemic, this would look excellent layered over a white or pale blue button down shirt for your rare trip into the office..

Original wool overshirt - A Day's March - £140

Image from @guillaumemaat on Instagram

5 x ways to style an overshirt - with another pattern

Whoa - this fella's not afraid to mix his patterns is he?! Checks and stripes are a failsafe combo and he's gone bold with his. If you're not quite so confident about mixing and you'd rather keep it subtle try this. Alternatively something with a print that tones in, like this one which would work well.

Tan and black multi check patch overshirt - Folk - £110

Image from on Pinterest

5 x ways to style an overshirt - over a rollneck jumper

Look how they've styled this overshirt in a smart casual way with a fine knit polo neck and striped tailored trousers. This could work really well for a working coffee meeting in town - as it's currently required for Londoners to sit outside when meeting someone who's not in their bubble, these layers will certainly come in handy to keep you warm! Want to wear it more casually for the pub at the weekend? Throw it over some black jeans, a chunkier cream roll neck and finish with some Oxblood Redwing boots.

'Miami' charcoal twin pocket overshirt - Reiss - £115

5 x ways to style an overshirt - with a jacket underneath

This was a popular post when I shared it on Instagram. A more unusual way of styling an overshirt - layered on top of another jacket. If you have a bomber jacket lurking in your wardrobe from summer but it's a bit too cold to wear on it's own , then you could try layering a heavier weight overshirt on top. This cord one would work well, as would moleskin or a thick wool one. Give it a go - you never know you might just have found a new favourite outfit!

Green cotton blend corduroy overshirt - Incotex at Mr Porter - £302.28

Image from GQ magazine on Pinterest

5 x ways to style an overshirt - with another shirt

You don't necessarily think of wearing one shirt on top another, but you can see here it works really well. If you're not sure how to put them together an easy way to get it right would be to wear different shades of the same camel and dark brown, pale pink and burgundy, or sea green with teal green. Or you can't go wrong pairing together neutrals like black and grey, navy and white, or camel and cream.

Blue cotton blend twill overshirt - Barena a Mr Porter - £345

Would you like to go shopping and include an overshirt on your shopping list? When I take people on a personal shopping trip, I write a list of outfits they can make up from the things they bought (that's what the client below was referring to), so you know exactly what to wear with what. If you like the sound of that, then book in a shopping trip with me.....just click the link below and let's talk!

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"This is absolutely amazing Sarah. What a list! I'm sure I will enjoy wearing them. Thanks a mill. I've thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and you have been great."

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