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3 x Green blazers

Last week, by coincidence whilst out on personal shopping trips with 2 separate clients, each of them bought a dark green blazer.  It wasn't something I was specifically looking for and in fact it was the shop staff that suggested them in the first place, but both myself and the client were very taken with them.

If you've already got your basic navy and grey blazers in your wardrobe and are looking for something different without being too "out there" then I'd suggest you try out a dark green. We bought deep forest / bottle green rather than olive, and that's what I've picked here too. It's an unusual colour but a flattering choice for lots of skin tones.

You probably already know if you've been reading my blog for awhile, that I like something that's versatile and even though it doesn't initially seem it, I think this colour is surprisingly adaptable. It looks great with navy or black, suits a pale blue or white shirt underneath or you can make it more casual with chambray or lighter tones of green, or cream coloured knitwear. It's also great with denim, excellent with charcoal flannel trousers, or would even go with mid greys and beiges for chinos or cords. Now that's what I call a hard working piece for your wardrobe!

Unfortunately I can't find either of the ones I bought with my clients to show you online (one was from Pal Zileri and the other from Gant) but I had a look around for some others and these are the ones I came up with.

Joseph green cord blazer - personal shopping for men

I love the way they've styled this cord blazer with a navy roll neck underneath on Mr Porter. It comes as part of a suit but that might feel a step too green for you, so I'd suggest you put it with jeans or grey flannel trousers instead for an elegant smart/casual look. A chambray shirt and navy chinos would also look great with it for a different look.

Davide forest green cotton cord blazer - £545 - Joseph at Mr Porter

Hackett green blazer - Sartoria Lab personal shopper for men

This jacket could easily be part of your smart casual everyday work wardrobe. I love how the green goes with darker or lighter coloured trousers so you could wear it year round and switch up your look with trousers and shirt options. The sweater shown here could be replaced with a classic white shirt or you could go for stone chinos and a pale blue shirt for a more summery look. I'm sure if you added up the cost per wear, this one would definitely work out to be a winner. 

Birdseye weave wool and cashmere blazer - £595 - Hackett

Boglioli green blazer - Sartoria Lab personal stylist  and shopper for men

A more casual unstructred option from Boglioli - this would look great for those of you who work in a more casual office, styled with a check shirt like this one, jeans and a pair of Common Projects. Or go for a striped crew neck, chinos and a pair of suede Chukka boots

Brushed wool dark green Flannel K jacket - £1075 - Boglioli at Trunk Clothiers

Would you like some fresh ideas for your wardrobe to get away from the your default choices? Contact me (Sarah) to discuss a personal shopping trip and I can help you get out of your style rut!

This is what Shaun said after his personal shopping trip: "I thought the trip yesterday was very successful - thanks again!"

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