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How to wear white trainers with tailored trousers

If you're not yet ready for the 'fugly' trainer trend that's been sweeping the catwalks, and would prefer to keep it simple and classic then go for some white leather trainers. Here are my top 3 picks, with details on how to combine them with tailoring:

Common Projects Achilles white trainers - personal styling tips for men

Ultra simplicity and elegance your thing? Then opt for a classic Common Projects pair. If you're not fully confident about wearing white trainers with smart trousers  then instead of a shirt choose a fine knit crew neck sweater or plain fitted sweatshirt so you have another element of sportswear to your look. This combined with tailored trousers (they could have an elasticated waist like these Sandro ones) or a fitted cotton suit will look sharp and modern.

Common Projects Achilles low top leather trainers - Selfridges £315

Martin Margiela Replica white trainers - personal styling for men

Have you noticed how many of the images you see in photo shoots the models aren't wearing socks....with a winter coat?! It may look cool on the pages of a magazine but it's going to be much freezing the real world. So what colour socks do you wear with dark trousers and white trainers?

My suggestion would be to go for grey, which will break the transition from trouser to trainer without creating too much of a statement. These ones from The London Sock Company would be great to wear with charcoal flannel trousers or these Ro To To ones for a more casual look with black jeans.

Martin Margiela Replica contrast panel low top leather trainers at Matches £270

Veja Esplar white trainers - personal shopping style tips for men

Veja prides itself on being totally transparent and as sustainable as possible, whilst producing great looking shoes.

If white trainers are a new thing for you and you feel they'll stand out too much against dark trousers, then introduce some white elsewhere in your outfit. A white shirt, a white t-shirt underneath a sweater so it's just visible at the neckline or hem, or a navy and white stripe sweater will all look great and take the attention away from your feet.

Veja Esplar white leather trainers - Trouva £90