Warm stylish jackets for socialising outdoors

Hanging around outside used to be just for the teenagers at the war memorial but we're all doing it these days as most of us are in "Tier Gawd Knows What but it's best not to socialise inside".

So I thought it'd be fitting to feature some warm outdoor jackets to see you through the rest of the winter and hopefully through to the end of this wretched pandemic.

Arket down puffa jacket recycled material - personal shopping for men

I bought this jacket with a client last winter and they've carried the same one through this season. We tried on quite a few puffa style jackets - some of which were way more expensive but we liked this for it's flattering shape (a slimmer cut so not too massively puffy) and it was a good length on his 6' frame. It's also made from recycled fabrics so you can feel smug as well as snug when wearing it.

Down puffa jacket  - Arket - £175

Frahm Ventile thermal field jacket - personal shopping for men

Sometimes over on Instagram I get pulled up for not featuring the smaller online only brands and that's why I wanted to feature this jacket. Although I haven't actually seen any of the Frahm jackets in real life, I like the look of them online and my reliable Instagram buddy (@welldresseddad) raves about them.....and he lives in Norway where it really does get cold so he must know what he's talking about. The founder of the Frahm brand, Nick is also superbly authentic on his Instagram account so I can't help be drawn to it - especially when he says the whole family does a little dance every time they sell a jacket!

Ventile thermal field jacket - Frahm Jacket - £595

Pyrenex Spountic matte short down jacket for men with removable hood

The client who bought the Arket one also tried this one on in Selfridges. It's a slim neat fit which was good for his slender build (38" chest and 31" waist) although slightly shorter. Pyrenex have all the technical know-how and are specialists in the use of down and feathers. This style is available in other colours, has a detachable hood and is made from highly waterproof, breathable  and windproof fabric.

'Spoutnic' down jacket - Pyrenex - 420 Euros (around £376 at time of writing)

Woolrich 3 in 1 eco friendly parka - personal styling for men

When talking to a friend the other day about cost per wear of clothes and what stood the test of time, he told me the best thing he'd bought was a Woolrich coat - it looked like new after about 7 years and was well worth spending the money on. Not only is this one in the sale, it's also multi functional as you can take out the inner quilted padding and wear that on it's own. If you get let me know how it looks in 7 years time please!

3-in-1 Eco friendly parka - Woolrich -  £559 (down from £795)

Uniqlo seamless down hooded parka - personal shopper for men

And here's another one I recommended to a client last Christmas and they've just reported it's been a great success. Uniqlo are well known for their down jackets which are lightweight but warm. There are other colours in this style and it also comes in a longer version too. The reviews say it's very warm though the fit is a little more boxy than previous versions, so if you're on the stocky side then that's a plus but if you're taller and slimmer you might be best to go for the Arket one if you want something in a similar price bracket.

Seamless hooded down parka - Uniqlo - £109.90 (down from £129.90)

Do you get confused when shopping for clothes (especially online) and would like some help and guidance? Book in for an online personal shopping session with me here and I'll narrow down the selection for you.

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