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What should I wear on a date? 3 go-to menswear looks for winter dating

You've done the hard work online and your profile is looking great and yep..... it's worked - you've got a date lined up. But now there's another problem - what to wear? And this is important - you're communicating non verbally to your date how you feel about yourself and how important the date is to you by whether or not you can be bothered to make the effort. It shows respect to the other person to dress well, so here's my guide on what to wear for dating with 3 possible outfits.

How should a man dress for a date - styling tips for men

Though you want to look like you've made the effort, you don't want to look like you've tried too hard if you're meeting in a pub, going for a coffee,  to the cinema or for a casual dinner.

Jeans are a failsafe option and although there are a lot of lighter and ripped jeans around now, I'd go for a dark clean wash for a more classic look (especially if  you're a little bit older). A slim (but not too skinny) look is modern and if you're buying new jeans - don’t forget to check how your behind looks in them......because you can be sure as hell your date will be when you get up to go to the loo! If you have long legs and like the look, you can wear your jeans with turn ups, but if your legs are shorter - either go without or keep the turn-ups narrow.

Wear these with a fitted shirt and a fine knit crew neck sweater  (if it's in cuddly cashmere all the more stroke-able!) Neutrals are fine but colours like aubergine, burgundy and plum suit many skin tones and are a subtle variation on red which many studies have shown is a great colour to make you appear more attractive to women!

Sturdy brogues are a great option for footwear hitting the mark between formal and casual and I do love a peacoat which being a little more tailored is more alluring on a first date than a padded jacket or parka.

Petit Standard slim fit dry selvedge jeans - A.P.C. at Mr Porter  Slim fit burgundy cashmere sweater -Hardy Amies at Mr Porter   Churchill reefer peacoat - Gloverall Woven belt - Andersons at Stuarts London   "Archie" bordeaux brogues - Grenson

What should a man wear on a date styling advice for men

If you’re going to a smart restaurant, theatre, or a 'posh' bar, then you might want to up your game a little. The most important thing with most clothes but especially with a blazer is the fit. Whether buying a new one or reassessing one that you already own here are some points to check: (1) the shoulders finish where yours do (2) the cuffs are at your wrist bone (3) it doesn’t pull when you do it up or you don’t have swathes of fabric around your shoulder blades or waist area.

Unstructured & unlined is the current trend but if you have small shoulders or don't have the best posture in the world, opt for some light padding or more structure to get that coveted masculine look - the inverted triangle. Wear the blazer with a pair of tailored trousers in a contrasting colour (so it doesn’t look like a mismatched suit).  You could go for a classic grey flannel or try a bit of texture with some herringbone or tweed.

What lady doesn't love a crisp, white shirt on a guy? If you have the physique go for a slim fit and stretch like the one above, or if you're built a little more generously a slightly looser fit in a heavier fabric. And finally accessories - pay attention to these and it will mark you out as a man interested in details, which in turn, gives the impression that you're likely to remember the little things about your her favourite food, when her birthday is and the name of her cat......and if you want to impress her, that's a sure fire way to do it!

Stretch poplin cotton white shirt - Joseph  Slim fit cotton blend trousers - NNO7 at Mr Porter  Navy wool hopsack blazer - Boglioli at Trunk Clothiers  Light brown calf suede belt with brass buckle - Drakes  Rust dancing step print pocket square - Drakes  "Marcus" men's suede Chukka boot - Grenson

Mens Outfits for Dating - style advice for men

For a casual daytime date – going for brunch, a walk in the park or an exhibition (if you're getting on well, maybe all three?!) – then jeans are the order of the day. If you're not keen on jeans they could be swapped for a pair of cords or chinos. A chunky sweater in a fisherman style or a cable knit looks suitably rugged whilst being nice to cuddle up to!

Don't ruin it all with a purely 'functional' jacket but make sure it has some style too like one of the bomber or flying jackets that are around at the moment. Heavy boots will go well with this look and look suitably casual and comfortable for a Sunday stroll.

"Talbot" roll neck in navy & green - Oliver Spencer  Slim fit antique super soft wash crosshatch jeans - Paul Smith  Stretch cotton moleskin bomber jacket - Private White VC at Mr Porter  Muted signature striped cashmere scarf - Paul Smith  Classic moc-toe boots - Redwing

If you'd like help with your dating wardrobe then contact me to schedule in a shopping trip.

And to finish.....a great email a client sent letting me know about all the compliments he was receiving!

"Just wanted to say that I was at a friend's house last night wearing an outfit which you picked out for me. One of my friends commented on how smart I was looking & then a group of my female friends who were listening said how much they thought the colour suited me. It's a really vibrant colour & I love it but I don't think I'd have had the courage to pick it out for myself. That's exactly why I came to you for your help. It felt so great to get such compliments so thanks so much for your help and advice. You really know your stuff!