5 x items to update your Spring wardrobe

Spring is in the air, but so are some pretty Arctic winds this week! I think we all want to lighten up a bit now though, especially as we can get out and about again, so here are some Spring updates for your wardrobe.

You can wear them straight away, though I'd advise you add some you can finally go to the pub, I don't want you sitting outside freezing and miserable! If you don't know how to layer and would like to get better at it, have a look at this post I wrote last year for some tips on how to do it. (Look how optimistic I was in the intro - little did I know!)

They'll be good later on into Summer too, but it's nice to get a head start isn't it?

Nudie jeans green worker jacket

Have you got a worker style (or chore) jacket in your wardrobe yet? With things turning more casual this may be exactly what you need - my clients have been finding them very useful, and a soft muted green like this goes with so many things. You can layer it up for now with a jumper under it and a coat on top while the weather decides if it's going to play catch up with the time of year! And once it finally does, wear it with a t-shirt or over a button down or collarless shirt.

'Barney' green worker jacket - Nudie jeans - £155

Mr P at Mr Porter pink wool sweater

This was inspired by a picture of Daniel Levy from Schitts Creek (did you binge watch it too?) that I saw in GQ mag wearing a pink jumper under a grey Prince of Wales check suit. And whilst I wouldn't be recommending to most of my clients, what his character David wore in the series, I really liked the look he was wearing for the photo shoot. There's plenty of pink around this Spring, and what better way to add a little pick me up (or should that be 'pink'me up ;-)) to your wardrobe now we're emerging out of lockdown?

Pink wool sweater - Mr P at Mr Porter - £150

Nick Bronson at Liberty check lightweight scarf

A scarf is perfect for this transitional weather - it makes such a difference to how warm you are but still looks summery when it's lightweight and in these muted colours.  We've still got another few weeks to go before we can sit inside pubs and restaurants so it's a no-brainer to add one of these to your Spring wardrobe. Nick Bronson is my first port of call for scarves, and notice how the colours of this one tone in perfectly with the pink jumper and khaki jacket to bring the colours together.

Classic lightweight check scarf - Nick Bronson at Liberty - £40

Albam sand taper fit chino

If you fancy a bit of a change from  the slim leg trousers you've been wearing for the past few years (or probably coming close to a decade) then try these taper fit chinos - not too voluminous so you don't know how to wear them, but a regular fit so they feel fresh and different and give some variety to your wardrobe. Wear them rolled up with some slubby socks and the trainers below or high top trainers or chunky boots would also look good.

Sand taper fit chinos - Albam - £99

Clae at John Lewis green Bradley Cactus Vegan Leather Trainers

On my first post lockdown shopping trip this week, we bought some green trainers - initially when I suggested green to my client, he wasn't keen, but by the time we tried on the Paul Smith ones he bought, he'd come round to the idea! The ones we got were a more of a forest green and went better with the cooler toned shirts he got, but I picked these olive ones to show here, as they go really well with the chore jacket above.

So, if you're bored with white, and already have tan or navy , then some green ones will add another option (and let's face it, who wants to wear anything but trainers now we've got used to the comfort!). They're not too bright that they won't go with many things, but just enough colour to lift your look into Spring.

'Bradley Cactus' green vegan leather trainers - Clae at John Lewis - £115

The shops are open again now and if you haven't bought anything for a year / last year's things don't fit anymore / you need an injection of fun and colour in your wardrobe then book in for a Personal Shopping trip.

And if you've never even thought about having someone take you shopping and you're wondering what it's like, then have a look at this blog post, where I walk you through step-by-step on how the day works.

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