5 x shirts to make you look good on Zoom

By the sounds of things, it's going to be quite awhile till things get back to normal, so the Zooming and Skyping  continue, and if you haven't yet fathomed out your "lockdown look" then now's the time. As pretty much all people will be seeing of you in the weeks to come is your top half, for this blog I've chosen some of my favourite shirts to ensure you look as good as possible on camera:

Form Thread chambray shirt - how to look good on Zoom

A chambray shirt is always a winner - it retains a fairly relaxed casual feel but the collar makes it much smarter than a t-shirt, so you don't look like you've just finished the Joe Wickes workout when you meet your colleagues for your 10am Zoom meeting. If you've got one in your wardrobe but find you don't wear it as much as you could because you feel it looks a bit "double denim" with jeans, then now's a great time to try it out. In future try wearing it with a knitted tie to dress down a suit or with some off white jeans for a summer look.

Blue chambray Brooklyn essential shirt - Form & Thread at Opumo - £75

Jesmond indigo jersey shirt - how to look good on Zoom

As soft as a t-shirt for working from your sofa but with the smartness of a shirt when you have to jump on an unexpected Skype call - the perfect #WFH solution! And for a different and more casual look try it open and layered over a t-shirt. Contrasting trousers look good, but if you're not into ones as light coloured as these, then go for mustard or mid grey.

"Jesmond" indigo jersey shirt - Reiss - £75

Drakes pale pink button down shirt - how to look good on Zoom

A button down collar keeps the neckline of a shirt looking neat and is a good option when you don't want to wear a stiff collared business shirt but find soft collars look floppy and scruffy on you. When your head, shoulder and neck area is all someone has to look at on a video call, the collar becomes even more important. The collar on this one is quite a substantial size and it's a regular cut in the body. So if you're a chunky well built guy with a big neck it'll suit you really well, as the size will balance with your frame and the pointed collar shape will elongate and slim down your neck.

Pale pink button down Oxford shirt - Drake's - £155

Officine Generale pale blue Lipp shirt - how to look good on Zoom calls

I've talked about these Officine Générale shirts before but I love them so much (I have one of the women's ones) that I'm continuing! They're so simple but I like the small details of the slightly rounded off collar points and the v-shape of the yoke at the back (click through to see it), plus the pigment dye which gives it a slightly worn in effect. I also like the stronger blue of this one so you don't disappear into pastel oblivion in your tiny Zoom square on a busy call!

Pigment dye "Lipp" shirt - Officine Générale - £145 (approx)

Printed white cotton Paul Smith shirt - how to look good on Zoom calls

And here's one for those fun Houseparty drinks nights! Amuse your fellow drinking buddies with the playful illustrations of characters (including Paul Smith himself apparently though I haven't spotted him yet) wearing multi coloured suits on your shirt. Who doesn't need a bit of fun during these times? And if you feel like it's a bit much to wear on it's own after lockdown, try it with a simple navy merino cardigan and dark jeans.

Tailoring printed cotton shirt - Paul Smith at Matches - £225

Like to have some inspiration on what to wear (on your top half at least!) whilst we're in continued lockdown? Check out how we can work virtually to help you with all your personal shopping & styling needs here or if you're ready to book in, get in contact below:

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