7 tips on How To Make Your Legs Look Longer (& make yourself look taller)

It's a common problem to have a long body and short legs. There's nothing much you can do about this at the gym or anywhere else so the best way is to address it is to learn how to visually balance out your proportions and elongate your legs as much as possible. This in turn will make you look taller and slimmer. Here are 7 tips on how to do it:

  • Make use of the current trend for pinstripes by wearing pinstriped trousers to keep the eye running up and down your legs therefore making them look longer.

Enlist pinstripe trousers -  style tips for men - Sartoria Lab blog

Pinstriped brushed wool stretch wool blend trousers - Enlist at Mr Porter - £255

  • Get your trousers hemmed to exactly the right length. Don't think that by having them longer it will make your legs look longer - it won't. All it will do is create puddles of fabric around the bottom of your leg and bring attention the fact that they're too long and also create a horizontal "break" across your leg which will give the illusion they are shorter.

  • Subtle but effective. Sharp creases in the front of your trousers create that essential vertical line. For any of your smarter trousers, keep the crease crisp! Don't try it on jeans though.

Incotex cord trousers - style advice for men - Sartoria Lab blog

Slim leg cotton corduroy trousers - Incotex at Matches - £240

  • I'm all for adding interest with a belt and toning it with your shoes but if possible when you have short legs it's best to tone your belt with your trousers. Or at the very least, don't have it the same colour as your top as that will make your body look even longer, giving the opposite effect to the one you want.

  • Wear shorter tops and jackets. Bomber jackets, short pea coats and aviator styles will be better than 3/4 style coats which could be mistaken for a long blazer. Have a little of the length taken off shirts and t-shirts if you're wearing them tucked out.

Jigsaw bomber jacket - style advice for guys - Sartoria Lab blog

Italian wool boucle bomber jacket - Jigsaw menswear - £250

  • Mid to high rise waist lines are more flattering to short legs - luckily they're right back in fashion now, especially when teamed with a pleat front.

Editions M.R trousers - fashion advice for men - Sartoria Lab blog

High rise wool trousers - Éditions M.R at Matches - £230

  • Pay attention to pockets. Take care where the pockets finish on jeans at the back - sometimes they can look fine from the front, but when you look at the back, the pockets are making friends with the backs of your knees!

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