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7 x common concerns about working with a personal stylist

7 x common concerns about working with a personal stylist / shopper


1. I'll be dressed in clothes that are on trend and not "me"

The whole point of personal styling is so we take into account what suits you personally. Yes it's good to look up to date, but that doesn't mean you have to dress in the latest "must have" item that GQ has dictated this month. I want you to look like the best version of you, and feel confident in whatever you're wearing. If that's classic and understated, that's absolutely fine.

2. I'll have to get down to my pants in front of a stranger 

This was the objection a business colleague said her husband had when she mentioned personal styling / shopping to him!! I was surprised to hear this and it's absolutely not the case. If I come to do a wardrobe edit at your house, I'll always ask you to go to the bathroom or another room to try something on, if we go shopping, I'll wait outside the changing room and always knock to check you're dressed before opening the door or curtain.

When you send me photos at the beginning of the session, it's just regular photos of you in different scenarios I need to see, to get an idea of how you look and the things you normally wear. You don't need to send any of you in your swimwear or underwear.

3. I don't know what clothes I like

That's okay. I usually find even though you may not be able to articulate what you like or dislike beforehand, you'll know when you see it in front of you whilst we're out shopping. It's always worth being open to trying on some things that you wouldn't normally wear or don't like on the hanger though,  as once you've got it on you may have a pleasant surprise and love it.....this has happened quite a few times on shopping trips, but no worries if you still hate it! Also, sometimes I can tell if you're uncertain about it when you come out of the fitting rooms and if I sense that, we can talk it through. I might discourage you to buy it, or we'll check the return policy if you'd like to take it home to show your partner first.

4. I'll be forced to spend insane amounts of money

As long as afterwards you'll feel you've got value from the session, I don't mind how much you spend and there's absolutely no pressure to do so. It's up to you to set your budget and I'll work around that. Even if you'd just like to get new ideas, be introduced to some new shops and only buy a couple of things, that's fine. I'll suggest ways of wearing it and put outfits together with it whilst we're shopping to help you decide or I can send you links to items we've seen afterwards, if you're still not sure.

5. I'll be judged on my current clothes

The point of a wardrobe edit is not for me to be judgemental on what you have, but to see where you're at with your current style and which direction we can go with it. It doesn't matter if you don't even have a current style - we'll find it!

I remember once when I enquired about tennis lessons, and was told "come and have a knock around and we'll assess your level" it put me right off as I was a complete beginner and I didn't have a "level". Needless to say I never went as I felt embarrassed that I'd be too rubbish for them to even contemplate working with! So please don't worry if you don't think you have a style - the point is to begin and find out what you like and don't like and begin to build one - no judgement.

Alternatively, you may have lots of clothes that you're not wearing, in which case we can decide if they should stay / go or put them together in outfits. I've seen the content of many men's wardrobes, so I probably won't be shocked by much and definitely won't judge you on the contents or how much or little you have. The days of Trinny & Susannah TV shows, that break you down then build you up are over!

6. I should be able to choose clothes myself

I get that you're a busy, intelligent man who has a great career, and possibly family and you feel you should be able to do this yourself. Just think of it as outsourcing - like I'm sure you do with many other things in your life. I've proabably spent a lot more time than you (or your wife / partner / husband) would ever want to researching menswear, what's in the shops and how to combine it all.

7. I'll feel self conscious

You may feel self conscious and embarrassed to start off with - trying on clothes in front of someone you don't know might feel a bit weird but I can pretty much assure you that it won't last long. Taking time over choosing clothes may be an unusual thing for you to do but hopefully after a short time you'll start to like it! You'd be amazed at the amount of people who say " I never thought I'd say it about shopping, but I really enjoyed it."

If you have any other concerns, then please do get in touch to have a chat and I can answer any questions you may have:

Ask me any questions you have here >>>>>>


"I did the personal styling, wardrobe edit and personal shopping session in 2015. I was so satisfied that I had a refresher session 5 years later.

Sarah has helped me significantly downsize my wardrobe, find combinations I didn't know existed, and then helped me fill in the gaps with a shopping session. I was impressed with easy she made it seem.

I've been extremely satisfied with the results and have received a lot of compliments since, so would highly recommend to anyone who want to gain more confidence in their wardrobe and style!!"

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