Beige linen and cotton suits for Summer weddings

As people are catching up on the weddings that were planned 2 years ago, and going to summer events now things are pretty much back to normal, I've spent quite a lot of time researching beige linen and cotton suits recently! 

I've narrowed down the selection here to show you what clients have been buying and worked really well, and the others I've seen and noted down as potentials whilst prepping for personal shopping trips. 

Fursac beige wool silk and cotton suit - personal styling for men

This suit has been a bit of a hit with clients going to weddings in sunny places. It's unstructured but still quite formal and has a lovely texture to it. 

With one client we accessorised with brown suede loafers, a pale blue shirt and a fun pocket square and with the other, we got some green suede Derby shoes,  a white shirt and a gorgeous Liberty patterned tie.

Beige sanded wool, silk and cotton suit - De Fursac - 790 Euros

Sandro beige linen suit - personal shopping for men

This was very nearly the perfect suit for my client was just a touch too long for him (he's 5'6"). If you're a little taller and you'd like a smart linen suit for summer occasions that has some structure (padding and lining) to it and you prefer a smoother finish, then give this one a try.

It looks smart but is lovely and summery in the pale camel colour. Personally I'd put brown, rather than black shoes with it like they have here, and I'd change the tie for something with a softer contrast like this olive green one.

Beige linen suit jacket - Sandro - £415.20

Beige linen suit trousers - Sandro - £207.20

Slowear linen and cotton drill beige suit - personal stylist for men

A client bought the blue version of this to use for a variety of events - casual work meetings, a summer wedding, evenings out. The pleat front gives a bit more room in the thighs is yours are chunky, and even though it's unlined, the cotton blend makes it stiffer so it keeps it's shape well. 

You could wear it casually with a short sleeved knitted polo shirt and trainers or smarten it right up for a wedding with suede brogues and a silk tie.

Linen and cotton drill suit - Montedoro at Slowear - £1,240

Canail Kei wool and linen blend suit - personal shopper for men

This was another of the options I spotted, whilst doing my 'recce' for the client ahead of their shopping trip. If you look better in a cooler shade of beige that's more towards the grey spectrum, than the warm sand ones, then this may be the one for you. 

With the addition of the wool blend, it looks a little smarter than some of the others, though it still has some texture provided by the linen so doesn't go 'grandad' like I think some beige suits can! It looks great with the olive linen shirt they've styled it with......perfect if you're not wearing a tie.

'Kei' linen and wool blend suit jacket - Canali at Mr Porter - £950

'Kei' linen and wool blend suit trousers - Canali at Mr Porter - £390

Trunk Clothiers Wigmore tan cotton suit - style advice for men

And if you hate the wrinkling that comes with linen, then go for cotton instead. Just as summery, even in a slightly darker shade like this one. You can split them up easily too and wear the jacket with jeans and the trousers with a polo shirt for ultimate versatility. 

I bought one of the 'Wigmore' jackets earlier in the year with a client who needs a longer length and this style comes up long so was perfect for him. If you're 6'2" or above then give this one a shot. 

'Wigmore' organic cotton suit jacket - Trunk Clothiers - £675

'Wigmore' organic cotton suit trousers - Trunk Clothiers - £225

If you've got a summer wedding or event to go to, and don't know where to start with sourcing and putting together an outfit,  then contact me below to book in for a shopping trip. I'll send a questionnaire and we can have a chat about what you need and I'll do all the prep work for you and narrow down the options to suit your specific brief. 

"I was so impressed by our shopping day together. Sarah had spent a lot of time checking out the shops the day before which saved a lot of time and work. 

In many ways I think it actually saved me money because Sarah gave me the confidence to buy items which were not always that expensive but looked very good on me. Sarah also kept on reminding me that I should not only get things I liked but items that I needed. This is a very helpful mindset for me. Sarah also encouraged me towards colours that I wouldn't typically have the courage to wear.

The clothes we got are still very much me but just an improved version of myself. I am very happy."

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