Lightweight men's scarves

Lightweight scarves for men

A couple of times recently whilst doing wardrobe edits, I've been excited to discover an interesting scarf in my clients' wardrobes. Only to be a little surprised to hear they only bought them to keep the sun off their necks in summer. and had never really thought about using them as an accessory.  But a lightweight scarf can add so much more to your outfit and is also great for these Autumn days with a blazer or lighter jacket when it's not quite cold enough for a coat but is starting to feel chilly either end of the day.

For a while, I've been collecting up some stylish scarf looks on my Pinterest board which you can see above, and below, there's some I like the look of that I've seen in the shops recently too.

Oh, and if you don't know how to tie them, then check out this great video by Simon Crompton from Permanent Style - as some of you have probably already discovered, my current favourite is the second one he shows!

Etro paisley blue scarf

You can't go wrong with a blue toned scarf in your wardrobe now can you? This will look great with a denim jacket, grey blazer or navy overcoat....and probably a whole host of other things you have....beige jacket - yup, pale blue sweater - absolutely, black leather jacket - love it! Etro are the king of patterns, so if most of your clothes are simple styles and plain colours then this will most certainly be an elegant addition.

Fringed paisley modal and cashmere blend scarf - Etro at Mr Porter - £255

Begg Co cotton linen cashmere blend scarf

If your wardrobe is more in the khaki and beige camp, then this will subtly add a dash of colour. This is the brand used in the video I linked to above, and if you like quiet muted colours, then it's likely you'll be taken with these.

Wear this dusty yellow one with a cream cord overshirt, a brown suede bomber jacket or a khaki field jacket. It's light enough to put in your bag just in case you need an extra bit of warmth.....with wool and cashmere in the mix, it'll make all the difference.

'Fiji Heron' cashmere, cotton, linen, & silk scarf in silver saffron - Begg & Co - £130

Paul Smith rug stripe scarf

You can always rely on Paul Smith for a stylish scarf and here's one to prove it. Just the right amount of colour to add something to your neutrals, but not so much that you don't know what to put it with. Paying attention to accessories, really helps to elevate your wardrobe and set you apart from other guys.....especially if you're on the dating scene - women notice these details!

And if you'd rather find a Paul Smith scarf at discounted prices, I suggest you pay a visit to the sale shop in Avery Row - I've often found great scarves here with clients.

Rug stripe scarf - Paul Smith at Liberty - £100

Drakes navy green and brown geometric scarf

Tempted as you may be to choose a scarf in one solid colour as you think it'll be more versatile, I've often found the opposite to be true. As long as the colours in the scarf tone in with the colours in your wardrobe (lay out a few things on the bed, and then lay the scarf on top of them to see if it blends in or is a clash) it's highly likely you'll end up wearing it more, as it'll go with everything.

Drake's are masters of interesting colour mixes, so though it might be colourful, you can rest assured it won't be garish. Go on - I dare you!

Navy, green and brown geometric scarf - Drake's - £225

Missoni wool and cotton blend scarf

Have a look at the examples in the first picture of guys wearing orange toned scarves successfully and you might be tempted by this one. You can wear it with black jeans and sweater, wear it with a beige trench, wear it with a navy blazer.....and look how well it goes with the brown cord suit in my previous post.

Cosy and colourful, this scarf will certainly power up your outfits for winter and fire up your mood on a cold winter's morning too!

Brown fringed wool and cotton blend scarf - Missoni at Mr Porter - £115

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