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Neutral coloured outfit ideas for Summer

During a Pinterest pinning session, I realised that a lot of the pictures I'd chosen had a similar theme so I thought I'd use them for inspiration for this blog post. I know I'm usually banging on about getting more colour into your wardrobes, but I DO think these neutral colours look very sophisticated and chic for summer. Easy to combine too! Have a look to see how the guys have styled their outfits in these images and maybe buy a couple of the pieces - or see if you have similar in your wardrobe already - so you can recreate these looks.

Neutral coloured outfit ideas for summer menswear

Wearing all white underneath with a beige jacket on top is such a fresh look for summer. I think these neutral colours work particularly well if you have some texture going on - the jacket below is silk with a tiny check and you could replace the linen safari jacket above right with a suede one if you wanted to. I know quite a few of my clients aren't too keen to wear light coloured trousers but as long as you get something easily washable it shouldn't be a problem. I've even been a little naughty in the past and used a bit of bleach on white jeans or cotton trousers if they've got a mark on them!

Left:     Photo by Dan Roberts for GQ
Right:  Photo for The Impression

Neutral colours for summer menswear - personal shopping for men

Silk check 'K' jacket - Boglioli at Trunk Clothiers - £755
'Kover' double pleat front tapered trousers in stone - Reiss - £135

Summer neutrals for men - personal styling outfit ideas

A tan coloured suit for summer is a classic in cotton or linen and a casual unstructured style. If you did want it to look more fashiony then you could go for some voluminous trousers like the ones on the left, or if not stick to the more classic shape on the right. As I'm sure you know, tan goes perfectly with icy blue (as you can see above) but you could also split up the suit and wear just the jacket over all black or navy or wear the trousers with a white shirt or t-shirt....there's no end of possibilities. Loafers, white leather trainers or tan suede brogues will all go really well and I like the addition of the knitted tie to the look above too.

Left:    Photo by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist
Right:  Photos by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist

Summer neutral suit menswear ideas - personal styling for men

Patch pocket technical poplin blazer - Rochas at Matches - reduced from £905 to £452
Technical blend chino trousers - Rochas at Matches - reduced from £515 to £257

Linens and summer outfits for men - personal stylist ideas

These 2 pics above are a great example of a very similar outfit done in a slightly different way - on the left a bit more fashion forward with the pleat front trousers and neckerchief, and on the right, in a very classic way with flat front trousers and fitted shirt. Notice that they both have an extended waistband on their trousers which is a more subtle nod towards the fashion for a gurkha style waistband which has the addition of a buckle. So no need for a belt but they've both chosen metal frame sunglasses styles to accessorise with. I love both these easy semi smart looks for hot summer days.

Left:     Photo by Yu Yang for Fashionbeans
Right:  Photo of Andreas Weinas  pinned from Nas Kobby Studios

Linen shirt and trousers for summer -  personal shopper for men

Sage linen long sleeved shirt - Eleventy at Harrods - £165
'Capell' beige linen trousers - Yuri & Yuri - reduced from £450 to £315

Fresh summer outfit ideas for men - personal styling advice

It's unusual to see the camp / capri shaped collar of the shirt on the left hand side on a long sleeved shirt - it's more common on short sleeved ones - usually with a boxy cut and straight hem - and often with a Hawaiian style pattern. I like it as a point of difference though or you could also go for a 'popover' style with no buttons like the one below or a collarless one if you wanted a change from your normal style. Can you see that nearly all the trousers are wider here as the move away from skinnies continues? Both the ones in these outfits have pleat fronts, are worn cropped and with turn ups, and again they favour the extended waistband. You've probably clocked that the neckerchief seems to be a popular accessory at the moment but if you'd prefer to keep it more classic then stick to a panama.

Left:     Picture pinned from Mathilda.picturefeast
Right:  Photo pinned from Esquire

Fresh summer outfit ideas -  personal shopping for men

Nutmeg brown cotton pleated trousers - King & Tuckfield at The Rake - reduced from £255 to £179
'Ridley poplin' relaxed fit overhead resort shirt - Orlebar Brown - £185

Casual outfit ideas for men for summer - personal styling

A knitted cotton polo is just that bit smarter than a t-shirt and even looks good under a suit as you can see from the picture on the right. A mix of beige, tans and chocolate brown looks super sophisticated for summer and takes you away from the blues you may favour for most of the year! More loafers - worn here without socks, but if you're not a fan of the no sock look then go for some that are a shade darker than your trousers or with a pattern than brings in the colour of your top.

Left:    Photo by Yu Yang for Fashion Beans
Right:  Photo by Dan Roberts for GQ

Casual outfit ideas for for men for summer - personal style advice

Pleated cotton and linen blend stone suit trousers - Mr P at Mr Porter - £175
Cotton knit polo shirt - Aspesi at Trunk Clothiers - £145

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