Sartorial roadmap out of lockdown - ten quick tips

As the government announced the route out of lockdown this week, it won't be too long now before we begin emerging out of our homes and back into the workplaces. With any luck we'll be able to revitalise our social lives too, so here's your sartorial roadmap on how to prep your wardrobe to confront the world again in style. Because, let's face it, you won't be getting that from Boris will you?!

.......and don't forget to book your haircut too!

10 tips on how to come out of lockdown in style

1. Make sure everything fits

You might not even realise it but have you, like many people, put on weight  during lockdown? Try everything on that you haven't worn in the past year, so there's no nasty surprises at 7am the morning of a big 'in person' meeting. If you do find things that don't fit, put them in a different cupboard or box so you only have things in your wardrobe that are wearable, and revisit them in a couple of months.

10 x quick tips on leaving lockdown with style

2. Repair & clean whatever needs it

Take out anything in your wardrobe that needs to be fixed -  a shirt with a missing button, trousers with falling down hems, or a jacket with a ripped lining etc. Repair it yourself or take them to your local dry-cleaners, or for more complicated repairs (and if you're near Central London) Savva Tailors are open and seeing clients Monday - Friday.  Check out this post for more info on getting things repaired and rejuvenated.

10 x tips on how to come out of lockdown looking good

3. Check your shirts still look good

If you haven't bought anything for the past year but you've been wearing your shirts constantly for Zoom calls, check the collar and cuffs aren't wearing thin and fraying. You can probably get away with it on Zoom but you might need to refresh your basics for when we start going out IRL.

4. Spruce up your shoes

No doubt your smarter shoes have a thick layer of dust over them, having been overlooked in favour of trainers for the past year, so show them a little TLC before you take them out for a spin. For the cheats guide, give them a once over with a Kiwi sponge or go full on with a proper polish. With suede, brush them off first and then steam them over the kettle to revitalise them. And if you can't be bothered to do all this yourself, then send them to the guys at The Jaunty Flaneur to do them for you.

10 x tips on getting your wardrobe ready to go out again

5. De-pill your knitwear

Are your jumpers covered in bobbles and generally looking shabby? While you binge watch your final box sets on Netflix, you could be multi tasking and de-pilling your knitwear at the same time. It'll be a pleasure to do it with a clothes shaver this stylish, or for a cheaper option this John Lewis one will do the job nicely.

10 x tips on coming out of lockdown in style

6. Add some colour

It's nearly Spring! We're coming out of lockdown - get some colour in your wardrobe to celebrate. If you're aghast at the thought of wearing colour and don't know where to start, have a read of this post for easy ways to introduce more colour into your wardrobe.

 10 ways on how to dress to come out of lockdown

7. Prepare an outfit for when you go back to the office

The thing that sends a lot of guys into a spin is when office wear is relaxed from suits to wearing "smart casual". The ease and uniformity of the suit is lost, and there's a whole lot more scope and confusion to contend with. If your office introduces a more relaxed dress code after lockdown, then have a look at this blog post for some pointers on how to dress appropriately or this one if you'd like the ease of dressing to a formula.

Getting your wardrobe ready to go back to work after lockdown

8. Buy a Spring jacket

With standing outside bars, sitting outside restaurants and socialising in parks likely to be the norm for a good while yet, you'll need to invest in a great Spring jacket if your previous ones aren't cutting it. Have a look at these ones in cord, or for some ideas on macs check these out

Getting ready to dress for work after lockdown 3.0

9. Invest in a smart backpack

Will your new commute include cycling to work or walking for part of it, rather than taking the tube or train? Then it's worth investing in a smart business backpack. Much easier and more comfortable to carry than a briefcase, but it needn't look like you're skipping the office to go off on a hike either.

Update your loungewear - personal shopping for men

10. Update your WFH outfits

Or, is not much going to change with your situation? If you're still working from home or not ready to face going out yet, then perhaps it's time to freshen up your tired looking loungewear instead? Here's how.

Need some help to get your wardrobe ready for when we come out of lockdown? Book in here for my Online Services or book here for in-person services available after 12th April government guidance permitting.

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