Spring Summer layering ideas for men

At the time of writing this we're not going out much at all due to the Coronavirus, but hopefully in the not too distant future we'll be out again for more than an hour a day. This weekend is set to be 24 degrees tomorrow, then 12 degrees on Sunday which is the typically erratic sort of weather we get in the UK. So mastering the art of layering is something that no doubt will come in useful once we're out and about again, and here I've gathered together some ideas on how to do it.

How to layer in summer - personal styling for men

To start us off we have a smart casual look with a cardigan layered in between a shirt and jacket. This would be great for those chillier days of Spring, as if you look closely the trousers are cord. For a more summery feel they could always be replaced with some lightweight chinos, a linen shirt instead of chambray and a fine gauge cotton cardigan.  The check of the jacket gives some pattern to enhance the classic blues and whites even more and this looks like it could possibly be a linen or silk can get a similar one here.

Layered look with check jacket found on Pinterest - J.Fratarcángeli

How to do summer layering for men - personal shopping

Another cardigan but this time a little more casual layered underneath a denim jacket and over a t-shirt. This could just as easily go over a collared shirt with a tailored pair of trousers for a smarter look. Keep some contrast with darker coloured trousers and a lighter colour underneath.

Knitted merino wool cardigan - Paul Smith at Matches - £260

Liam topstitched denim jacket - Officine Générale at Matches - £250

Layering looks for summer for men - personal styling and shopping

A much more summery look here with layers of white and blue. I'm not sure if this is a waistcoat or another jacket but I like the extra depth it gives to the outfit, and I like how the stripes in the jacket break up the blues. And did you notice the neckerchief? Not for everyone but it's a popular look this summer. If you're not keen, you could go for a casual cotton or linen scarf which would also work really well.

Summer layered look - photo found on Pinterest - by Dan Roberts for GQ

Layered menswear looks for summer - personal stylist for men

Okay, I'm not sure if this strictly counts as layering (perhaps if there was a t-shirt underneath the shirt?) as there's only 2 layers but I thought it looked great. A linen overshirt / shacket like this one would often be worn over a t-shirt which is a good look too, but it can also be worn over another shirt like it is here. I think the trick is to keep the textures quite similar and the unstructured nature of the fabric eg. it wouldn't work over a heavy Oxford button down or a stiff collared shirt, but all these layers of linen work really well together....and I love the yellow and blue.

Layered look found on Pinterest by Robert Spangle for GQ

How to do layering for men - personal styling and personal shopping

Compared to the image before, this does suddenly look a bit more wintery but imagine a damp, grey Summer's day in London when it's not particularly warm, and you'll get why I'm including it.  I'm a great believer in not wearing certain textures out of season eg. even if it's warm enough to wear linen in winter you shouldn't or if it's cold enough to wear flannel trousers in summer, they look too wintery.  So this to me would an ideal outfit -  a lightweight mac over a linen blend cardigan/jacket with lighter coloured trousers, this keeps the textures and some of the colours lighter and in keeping with the season. I like the trainers with it or you could go for something more formal like loafers or suede brogues if that's what your work requires.

'Jacumo' wool and linen blend cardigan - Iris Von Arnim at Matches - £510

'Kensington' double breasted trench coat - Burberry at Matches - £1,490

Cotton blend slim fit twill trousers - Paul Smith at Matches - £230

Layered outfit for men - menswear personal stylist and shopper

In neutral colours this looks very casual, practical and comfortable but not boring. The jacket has a slight texture to it - a bit like seersucker, and it has the added benefit of being water repellent. I like the way they've styled it with a striped t-shirt and interesting to see that the shirt is longer than the jacket.......this may annoy the hell out of some people, but if you prefer a less pristine and more nonchalant look this is a good way to add an extra 'layer' of interest. And if you haven't heard me mention it before, Oliver Spencer is great for those of you with rugby player sized thighs!

Layered look - Oliver Spencer (click through for individual pieces)

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