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Stylish & practical raincoats for men

One of the things I often suggest to clients when we go on a personal shopping trip is a raincoat. They haven't necessarily requested we look for one, but more often than not, they're open to the idea and realise that it would be really useful to have in their wardrobes, perhaps as a smarter alternative to a more casual cagoule style.

Here are some of the ones I've bought with clients or seen whilst out and about in the shops. I've also included some umbrellas because it's that attention to detail, which of course includes accessories, that can make all the difference to how good you look.

APC raincoat - personal shopper stylist for men

This is the mac that a client bought a couple of weeks ago whilst we were on a shopping trip. He said that it wasn't something he would have picked himself but he was happy to try it on and when he did, we both agreed it looked great and it went straight on the "definite pile" of things he was taking!

Have you seen these Blunt umbrellas? What an excellent idea......rounded off edges to save from jabbing someone in the eye on that busy commute - and apparently they're super strong too. They must be pretty confident of that claim as all umbrellas come with a 5 year warranty!

"New England" checked twill coat - A.P.C. at Harvey Nichols - £430

Navy umbrella with rounded edges - Blunt - £59.99

Theory raincoat - personal shopper stylist for men

I really like how this fills the gap between smart and casual, practical and stylish. The parka cut with the longer back makes it look a little more casual but the fact that you can pack the hood away when not needed means it transitions to something a bit smarter. As it's very lightweight, it means you can pack it into your bag when the weather forecast is looking uncertain just in case - especially helpful if you're off on a business trip.

If your current umbrella is looking a bit bruised and battered - then check out this camouflage print one from London Undercover to give yourself a treat. It has an elegant and sturdy wooden handle but is still modern and "manly", and with something this cool, you might even find yourself praying for the rain to come!

"Rhys" nylon ripstop jacket - Theory at Mr Porter - £465

Camouflage print wood handle telescopic umbrella - London Undercover at Mr Porter - £65

Sandro raincoat - London personal stylist shopper for men

This is an updated version of the lightweight summer mac, I bought with a number of clients. If you like understated, Sandro is the perfect brand for you - classic navy, not too long or short, this style looks great over a suit or with a pair of jeans and pretty much everything in between. In a treated cotton to make it shower proof it's a safe bet for this time of year.

Want a change from a black umbrella but not sure what to go for? Burgundy is an easy colour to mix and it's not so bright it'll clash with things but a little more exciting than black! This one is compact and automatic so can stay hidden in your bag until the rain starts and then springs into action at the touch of a button.

Navy "Town" coat - Sandro - £409

Compact automatic umbrella with maple wood handle - Aspinal of London - £150

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