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La Playa - swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

Vamos a la Playa........

...............woah oh oh oh oh! Anyone remember that song? No? Just me then? I was living in Italy at the time (in the 80's) and they were playing it non stop. Apparently the lyrics were a bit darker than they first appeared, and were not just about going to the beach but about the explosion of a nuclear bomb in the sea. Who knew?!

Anyway, back to the (v important) task in hand - what will you be wearing to the beach? Of course you'll want to retain your sartorial savvy, whilst wearing a minimal amount of clothing, a potentially tricky scenario. Never fear though, as here I've put some suggestions together for you, to help you get to the "playa" in style:

Orlebar Brown swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

Orlebar Brown have some of the best shorts around. I love this sunshine yellow, tempered down with a plain tee from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and a stylish straw trilby from Hugo Boss, which, incidentally, will look even better once battered from your travels.

Myo swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

A subtle Gannet bird print on these swimshorts from Myo mark them out from their counterparts, and in a dark blue they're flattering and chic. Add a shot of colour with some Paul Smith flouro flipflops and don't forget the "solar shield" from Murdock.

Hartford swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

A few years ago it was all about long "boardies", but have you noticed there's a return to a shorter length now? All the better to tan those legs, and surely far more comfortable than swathes of wet fabric clinging to you? I'm loving these gingham ones from Hartford which feel a little bit 70's. Enhance that retro feel with vintage Dior aviators, and get brownie points in the style stakes by lounging on an Orlebar Brown towel. 

J Crew swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

Get yourself a shot of turquoise coloured sea whether in Blackpool or Barbados when you sport these J Crew swim shorts. This small but perfectly formed Luis Morais bracelet, will add an edge to your beach wardrobe, and why not get lost in music with these supercool Nixon gold and black headphones - Sister Sledge soundtrack optional! 

Sundek swimwear - personal shopping & styling for men

Orginally championed by professional surfers, Sundek also have some splendid options for the stylish "man about beach". Offset the eye-popping orange with a downbeat canvas bag from Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren, and add a touch of 70's cool with these Lanvin sunglasses.


Here's a few tips on what to look for when choosing swim shorts:

1. If you have slim legs then choose slimmer cut shorts, so your legs don't look like they belong in an L.S. Lowry painting!

2. Avoid shorts with a contrast drawstring tie at the front - especially in a light colour - if you have a large stomach as it will draw your attention to it

3. Short guys or short legs should keep the proportions balanced and go shorter - they don't have to be thigh length, but not long

4.Taller guys - especially if a slim build - will benefit from horizontal stripes to break up proportions

5. If you have very pale skin, go for darker or brighter colours as a contrast, and avoid pastels


And lastly, check out the crazy video of "Vamos a la Playa" here and see if you can work out why it was so popular......I'm still trying!