Where to find longer length blazers

This post was inspired by a personal shopping trip I did a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for blazers / jackets for a client who was 6'2" and needed a longer length jacket.

I know there's always the option of getting something made to measure, which may be ideal, but not everyone has the money or time for it. Plus, sometimes you don't necessarily know exactly what you want until you've seen and tried it. 

Many sales staff in the past (including one recently in Gucci!) have also suggested I try High & Mighty when I ask for long length jackets......cue eye roll from me! And there's 2 reasons for that (a) they're not around anymore, and (b) there was nothing nice in there when they were!

So as an alternative to those two options, here are some of the places I found where you can get longer lengths off the peg, that look great!

Trunk Clothiers Wigmore blazer - longer length jackets - personal styling + shopping for men

This jacket doesn't come in Short, Regular or Long lengths, but the Wigmore style just happens to come up longer. The client I was shopping with needed a 42" chest and the length of the jacket to be 31" - 31.5" from the back neck to hem. The 52 of this jacket was perfect......we got the same style as this but in olive cord. We also got the trousers that went with it, so he had the option of wearing it as a suit. I've chosen the lighter weight navy one here though, as it's slightly more Springlike, and it also comes with matching trousers.

Navy 'Wigmore' wool fresco jacket - Trunk Clothiers - £725

Richard James Hyde blazer - jackets to fit tall men - personal stylist and shopper

I've bought jackets from Richard James before with tall men, and they always work out really well. The Hyde block is the one you need to look for as that comes up the longest. The one I measured in a size 42" chest, had a back length measurement of 31".

I love the look of this pale green cord jacket which is new for Spring, and you can see some other options of Hyde jackets here too. Just be aware, smaller sizes will get shorter, so check the size guide before you buy, as they provide the back length there.

Pistachio green needlecord 'Hyde' jacket - Richard James - £855

Tagliatore Vesuvio blazer - jackets in longer lengths - personal style advice for men

When I was doing my research for our shopping trip, I went into Richard Gelding - an independent menswear shop in Mayfair, where you can find Canali jackets (who sometimes do different lengths). Unfortunately, when we went in they didn't have what we were looking for (waiting for their Spring Summer stock to come in) but in the meantime I looked on the Baltzar website, which they're part of, and found this one. I think this brown is a great, versatile colour for spring summer, and the mix of the linen and wool gives a nice texture to it. You can filter down the sizes and immediately see when you hover over them which are available in a Long length, making it nice and straightforward to shop. 

Brown melange linen and wool 'Vesuvio' blazer - Tagliatore at Baltzar - £525

Ralph Lauren blue linen sports jacket - long length blazers - style advice for men

I popped into Ralph Lauren too and though again, the stock was limited when I went in, they did have some options. Looking online, I like this mid blue linen blazer and I also like this Glen Plaid one, both perfect for summer. The longer lengths only seem to be available in the bigger sizes at the moment, but that might just be temporary. I'll definitely be keeping this store on my list of where to find longer length blazers for future reference.

Blue linen sport coat - Ralph Lauren - £495 

Suit Supply Havana jacket - long length blazers - styling tips for men

On a personal shopping trip, I often pay a visit to Suit Supply and have bought quite a few blazers from there with clients who are at the taller or shorter end of the spectrum. This one is available in a lot of sizes in the longer length, though I notice the smaller (eg: 36L) or larger ones are made to order.  They do usually have some of the longer lengths in store so if you're passing, it's worth going in to have a look and try some on.

Light grey 'Havana' jacket - Suit Supply - £299

Do you have a body shape, that's a bit harder to buy for? Let me help! Book in for a personal shopping trip, and I'll do all the research for you ahead of the shopping trip, so once we're together it'll be a breeze. I've shopped with tall slim guys, guys who need longer jackets, guys who need longer trousers, short and stocky men, short and slim men, guys with large thighs and everything in between! Click below to check out my shopping services and book:

Personal shopping for men 

"I chose to work with Sarah for a personal shopping trip because it seemed as though she worked with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail - and I was not disappointed by the experience.

The shopping itself was fun and painless but we also made productive use of the time available. Sarah immediately puts you at ease with her warm demeanour, sense of humour and pragmatic know-how. She excels in enlisting the help of sales staff to have the right items ready to try on and where appropriate was ready to negotiate for discounts on my behalf. She strikes a good balance between listening to your clothing preferences and providing her own ideas and as a result I came away with an expanded and more developed understanding of my own personal style.

The whole experience was well worth the time and money invested - I received several positive comments on my appearance since our shopping trip and I would feel much more confident shopping by myself in future."

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