Where to buy trousers to fit chunky thighs and calves

One of the blogs I previously wrote about this topic is one of the most read posts I have, so it seems there are a lot of guys having the same problem - where do you buy trousers when you have large muscular thighs and calf muscles?

The client I took shopping last week had just this issue - his thighs measured 67cm and his calves 45cm making it tricky to find trousers to fit - even though the fashion magazines are telling us things are moving away from slim cuts, it's still predominantly a slimmer cut that's around. Luckily, we did manage to find a selection to fit and here are the results of what we found.

Oliver Spencer fishtail trousers where to buy trousers if you have big thighs calves

Oliver Spencer Clarendon fishtail trousers - £159 - this would be my first port of call for trousers for wider thighs and large calves as I know from previous experience that these are a great fit. This style of trousers called the "Fishtail" comes in a variety of colours and fabrics and this pair has a jacket to go with them too so perfect if you'd like a casual unstructured suit.

Richard James formal trousers trousers to fit chunky thighs calves

Richard James sharkskin suit trousers £295 - If you're after a more formal pair of trousers or a smart suit, then these ones from Richard James are a great option. In the past I've tended to think of Richard James as slimmer fitting but these trousers fit my client perfectly on his legs. You can buy them on their own or pair them up with the jacket if you need a suit.

Drakes jeans wider leg jeans to fit chunky calves thighs

Drakes Model 3 indigo selvedge jeans - £235 - Drakes have partnered with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers to make these jeans. They have a higher rise waist (which my client preferred) and a straight leg that tapers slightly below the knee - but not so much that they were tight on the calf. They're very stiff to start with but the guy in the shop kindly showed us his pair which he'd been wearing for about 6 months or so and they had broken in nicely but not faded too much.

Albam chinos where can I buy trousers to fit big muscular legs

Albam regular chino in Kelp - £109 - A great all rounder - this was exactly what we were looking for. Something casual enough to take the place of jeans and a lighter colour which looks good for summer but can be worn all year round and goes with pretty much everything. Not as high waisted as the Drake's jeans or chinos but nevertheless a great fit over big legs and calves.

Richard James smart trousers for big muscular legs

Richard James stretch cotton twill trousers - £245 - we actually tried the navy in these trousers but I also like this grey blue colour. They have stretch in the fabric so can be worn a bit more fitted on the legs without being uncomfortable. They also come with a matching jacket to make it into a great summer suit......perfect for all those upcoming summer events.

Drakes chinos where can I buy trousers to fit large thighs calf muscles

Drakes petrol cotton chino trousers - £225 -We were particularly taken with these as they were a great unusual colour without being too "out there". Another wider, higher rise option for you if you have large legs.

Albam jeans trousers to fit large big thigh and calf muscles

Albam straight leg indigo jeans - £115 And finally another straight leg style from Albam. Plain and simple, you can't go wrong with a pair of indigo jeans like this - a reasonable price and wider cut for a comfortable fit.


Struggle with finding trousers to fit? Book in a personal shopping trip with me and I'll do the hard work for you. I will go out armed with my tape measure and check out what's available where before meeting you for your shopping trip. Contact me now to discuss.

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