Winning buys with clients

It's been a whirlwind of shopping these past few weeks, and all the in between stuff that goes with doing a personal shopping trip - prepping beforehand, writing a list of outfits for the client afterwards, and sending links to anything we weren't sure about, couldn't get in the right size or accessories that are easier to buy online.

I love that warm glow I get (and hopefully the client does too!) of going away thinking about all the great things they bought, so I thought I'd share with you what I feel are some of the 'winning buys' from recent sessions.

Check overshirts - Folk and Albam

This blue check shirt made it onto the list, for the surprisingly good fit. Though it looks like it would be boxy, it's actually a bit more streamlined and really flattering - even on one of my more triangular shaped clients. It's also a great colour for those that needs stronger, brighter shades. I admit it's slightly wintery as it's flannel, but when you see something that looks this good, you've got to get it!

The next one also looked really great on and it's found it's way here for the colour, and the fact that it's zipped which makes it slightly more unusual. You can put a variety of coloured t-shirts under it - from burgundy, to white to the faded mauve colour that Albam do (and for reference, my client also loved the fit and feel of the t-shirts.). It'll also be great for summer or winter, and something with that much versatility always counts as a great buy in my books.

Bright blue check shirt - Folk at Mr Porter - £130

Red check zip up shirt - Albam - £175

Sweaters sweatshirts - Norse Projects and Folk

The colour of this Norse Projects green jumper is just right - not too dark,  not too light, easy to put with other things and most importantly it goes with, but makes a change from blue....there's always plenty of that in most men's wardrobes already. A neat fit and a good price too - definitely a win.

And talking of getting away from blue.....this was a surprising buy for the client who got it, who generally wears and looks good in muted soft colours. He was unsure when I picked it up, but we were both very pleasantly surprised when he put it on - it looked excellent on him. It's hard to tell online but though it's bright, it also has a softness to the colour, so it's not too harsh. 

'Sigfred' light wool jumper - Norse Projects at Liberty - £130

'Rivet' sweatshirt in radish - Folk - £95

Navy blazers - Reiss

These two blazers were absolute no-brainers. The one on the left we found after trying numerous jackets for a client with broad shoulders and a slim waist.....we almost gave up, until he put this one on and it fit like a glove. Lapels sitting flat - tick, fitted at the waist - tick, not too tight across the shoulders - tick.....perfect all round. They've styled it quite formally on the website but it looks great worn more casually with jeans and a t-shirt too - win win!

The one on the right makes it onto the list for 2 reasons - (a) even though it has no padding in the shoulders, it gave my client the most incredible physique - making his shoulders look broad and his waist look slim. And (b) it's super lightweight and the technical fabric has a nice casual feel about it.....just what we need for this more relaxed post Covid world.

Big thanks to whoever is designing the jackets at Reiss - they're doing a stellar job. (And if you come shopping with me, I get 10% off there too!)

'Seek' slim fit basket texture blazer - Reiss - £275

'Static' slim fit technical blazer - Reiss - £198

Light coloured trousers - Sorensen and Drakes

These pale pink trousers made it onto my winning list, for being one of the more exciting things bought recently. Not everyone can pull off pink chinos but the client who bought them definitely did! A great fit on him, they were also a perfect shade of pink - not too sugary and bubblegum and I found it surprisingly easy to create outfits with them when I wrote his outfit list (detailing all the combinations of how he could wear everything he'd bought) after the shopping trip.  They go with beige, navy, grey and perhaps more surprisingly - dark green (click through to the website to see them styled with a green t-shirt).

I'd been going on and on about these white cords to my client before we arrived at the shop - thankfully, they lived up to the hype and looked great! They're a slightly wider cut so if you have bigger thighs or calves, they'll work well, and I really like Drake's signature slanted pocket shape on jeans, making them just that bit different. They're a fine needlecord, so will work for summer and winter alike.....and they're not quite as bright white as they look in the picture so a touch more understated. 

'Driver' chino in dusk - Sørensen - £195

White Japanese selvedge needlecord five pocket trousers - Drake's - £295

 Lightweight jackets - Reiss and Oliver Spencer

Yet another winning jacket from Reiss! Lightweight enough to pop into your backpack just in case you need it, this is a perfect summer jacket. It smartens things up a touch because of the smooth suiting type fabric, but the style is casual. My client knew straight away that he'd be wearing this all summer long, and it could also see him into Autumn with a lightweight sweater and cotton scarf (one of the outfits I put together for him) too. If your wardrobe is already overloaded with navy, or you always wear navy trousers or indigo jeans, it also comes in grey.

As you may know from my previous post, chore jackets are the way forward for post pandemic dressing. In a default colour like khaki (it's closer to the colour of the still life pictures, not the brownish shade it looks when worn by the model) and a lovely seersucker texture this is another excellent summer jacket. Wear with jeans, chinos, the cords from above and it'd go with the pink trousers too. My client is definitely going to get a good 'cost per wear ratio' with this jacket.

'Metro' merino wool zip through shirt - Reiss - £175

'Cowboy' jacket in Kingswood green - Oliver Spencer - £349

Look at this lovely WhatsApp message I received yesterday from someone I took shopping a couple of weeks ago:

"Just had two compliments from strangers on my outfit today. This only ever happened previously when I was in fancy dress!  Thank you!"

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