Where to buy clothes for shorter slim men

It can be tricky buying clothes if you're a short, slim guy and whereas womenswear brands do petite sizes, menswear brands don't.

I took a client shopping last week who was 5'5" and a 34" - 36" chest with a 28" waist. Here I share which are the shops and brands we found that fitted him well:

Beams Plus shirt - clothes shopping for short men

Beams Plus is a Japanese brand so comes up smaller. We bought this shirt which was a perfect fit and length in a size Small. My client could wear it untucked with jeans as it wasn't too long, or for a smarter look, tuck it in to the chinos below and wear with a blazer.

Beams Plus at End Clothing or Beams Plus at Mr Porter

Officine Generale shirt - where to shop for short guys

I haven't shopped that much in the Officine Générale store yet, but the few things I have got with clients have been great. Very understated but with tiny details, like the multiple rows of stitching on the placket of the shirt above and the v-shape of the yoke at the back, make their shirts a great buy. This fitted on the chest and shoulders perfectly, though it was a little longer than the Beams one above so would be better worn tucked in. We also got a white selvedge shirt.

Officine Générale

Slowear knitted waistcoat - where to shop if youre a small guy

We only tried knitwear in the Slowear store as we were nearing the end of our shopping trip, but all the ones he tried were a nice, neat fit. We particularly liked this knitted waistcoat as it was really different and my client loves wearing cardigans, plus this colour looked fantastic on him, so all in all it was a great choice! We bought size 46 / 36" UK in this.


Tiger of Sweden blazer - where to shop for men under 57

My client already had a perfectly fitting navy cotton blazer from Tiger of Sweden. Despite looking elsewhere at other options and nearly opting for a Sandro one, we finally went for this grey flannel one in a 34" chest which was just right and exactly what he was looking for.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it......or rather, if you find a brand that fits, stick with it!

Tiger of Sweden

I'd also recommend Sandro, Suit Supply, David Naman & Oscar Milo for shorter fitting blazers.

Nudie chinos - where to buy trousers for short slim men

I've shopped for Nudie jeans a lot with clients before but don't think I've ever bought their chinos. We ended up getting 2 pairs of the Slim Adam style (and I wouldn't be surprised if he went back for more!) as the fit of the 28" x 28" was as if they were made for him!

He hadn't been wearing chinos, only jeans when he wasn't in a suit for work, so I hope he'll enjoy wearing these as a refreshing change from denim at the weekends.


Sandro peacoat - which shops stock clothes for small men

Peacoats vary wildly in detailing and length and it was between a Paul Smith one and this Sandro one. They were both a good length and both had buttons in the same colour (rather than silver or gold), and vertical pockets. These details keep the look streamlined, which in turn makes you look taller. It's best not to go with too much detailing which can look cluttered if you're a small frame, so my client will wear this without the fur collar which is  detachable.


Like some help, finding clothes that fit you properly? Get in touch today to discuss booking in your personal shopping trip.

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